Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I am Poor, I am Coughing, Are you here? Are you here?

I'm back in Bournemouth PARRRTY!!!

Yes let the festivities begin, I have been in the mouth for over a week now, and i've spent £4 on food. Why don't the student loans company realise that students need to live a little bit before term too. I dunno if I can live on tea alone every day.

Upstairs are nice, hell yeh. They gave me free wine they brewed. My kind of people. I ended up having a wonderful evening with them, drinking, smoking and having interesting discussions. We were trynig to guess phobias from their names, I did quite well, surfer was rubbish, but pilky was hilarious. I give him the pseudonym 'pilky' because he entertained me in a similar way to Karl Pilington. I think I would have been the Ricky Gervais because I was laughing like a loony.

I invented a new phobia. The fear of Reggae...


As a sufferer you will be given the name Rastaphobian, being so similar to Rastafarian, this will probably worsen your case. Sorry.

I have a terrible cough today, I don't know why. I think it must be over-singing first choir rehearsal back. Haven't sung for a wee while and I was belting those top notes out like a free range bi-atch.

That photo of me last year sums up my mood. I need food for energy. but not for thought, I've been having quite enough of that!


Sophie x

Monday, September 18, 2006

Tired of being sexy.

(to the tune of Silent Night)
Monday night,
Monday night,
All around,
Smells of shite,
Paddock wood has a sour odour,
I want to leave and get some more fresh air (say as cilla would)
Going ba-ack to Bournemouth,
Go-o-ing back to B-Town.

How lovely.

So... Anyone go to see Cansei de ser Sexy in Camden? I know you did Margaret because we went together and fell in non-lesbian-girl-love.

Here's a lil clip I took on my mobile (ergh, I hate that people like me do this, but it does give me this little reminder...)

Then did some great fun shopping in Camden town (I'll meet you by the underground), the market in particular. That evening we troddled along to Shepherds Bush (I'm sure that needs an apostrophe, is it a bush belonging to a shepherd, or a bush that is named after shepards? Or did it belong to more than one shepherd?)

Anyway in Shepherds/Shepherd's/Shepherds' Bush* we went to see a recording of TWTTIN, or twuh-tut-in, or That Was Then This Is Now. TWTTIN is equally as hard to say as TMWRNJ, actually, not quite. I always found myself, and still do, saying te-wum-run-ja. TWTTIN s a comedy sketch show for Radio2, with Richard Herring et al.

Al is the best in it.

Now I am all packed for going back to Uni, I have to sort out some sort of internet connection, unless I can cleverly steal wireless from the flat upstairs.

Au revoir, and I love/hate** you.

Sophie x

*Delete as approriate
**See above. Maybe I should have used the same footnote...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I didn't give birth to this baby, but...

So this is my bubba niece. Her name is Caitlin and she was a big fat bubba (though she doesn't look it).

More entertaining than this, are Jon Swift's reviews on

Broke Back Mountain: Story to Screenplay
Great movie but not gay, January 18, 2006
I have not actually read this book but I did see the movie and I liked it very much. However, I don't understand why people keep referring to it as the "gay cowboy movie." Can't two men be very good friends without everybody saying they're gay?

That is all for now as I am meant to be working.

Sophie x

p.s. Click on the title of this post to see all the amazon reviews from Jon Swift.
"A tour de force" - The Maskéd Man, 6th September 2006.
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