Thursday, July 27, 2006

new ditty

Look! Ewan's got his cock out!
Celebrity nudity database... Ewan Mcgregor is no4 top male. GO EWAN!

11 naked films, I've only seen 6 of them. Must try harder.

Of course due to nature of this blog, I am naked as I post, I do not mean literally, but I am sure you understand. No? Must try harder.

So as un homage to crap blog poetry, here is my nudity ditty:

(Slam the pun home)

Let's all get naked, our souls dripping
From our open pores.
Let's all get naked, and have sex
With whores.

Naked, naked, nudity,
Bits out, bits out, my new ditty.

Let's get our bits out, and throw our genitalia
In the face of foes.
Let's get our tits out, and slap them in the faces
Of hoes.

Naked, naked, nudity,
Bits out, bits out, my new ditty.

What ho, an apple, eat it Eve, you've got horrible
Tits, hide em.
'Phew!' says Adam, cheers snake, I was
Gonna vom.

Naked, naked, nudity,
Bits out, bits out, my new ditty.

SLJohnson copyright 2006

That is all...

Sophie x

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Desire Us...(click me)

An interesting blog I stumbled NEXT BLOG>> in the top right and you too can browse the wonders on blogging. There are some seriously crazy fuckers out there. Hooray!

Sophie x

Bye Bye Ottakar's

Au revoir le Heneage, it's been nice sailing in you.

Sophie x

Monday, July 17, 2006

Summer so far...

Well dear reader I've been home for about a month so far, though it seems so very much longer. Whether that's good or not I cannot say. I've had a nice time, but looking forward to going back to bournemouth too.

Rather than ramble on about this and that I thought I'd just show you one highlight (lowlight really) at my local carnival/fete/whatever.

(at the end there the commentator says "Ref he's biting!". He wasn't. It looked romantic.)

FUN! You can smell not what the rock is cooking, but there is a certain odour. People say it's the hops. But it just smells like farts to me.

I've started a bar job which is really good fun. The people are nice, the regulars are nice and I get bought lots of drinks. Phab. Oh and LOADS of people hit on me, which is highly entertaining. Nothing like turning someone down to boost one's confidence.

Soaked up a bit too much sun over the weekend sitting at the side of the road in romney marsh selling cherries. CHERRIES! BUY YOUR CHERRIES, mmm yummy.

One piece of advice......

Sophie x
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