Thursday, January 08, 2009

Blogs are like buses.

You wait for one for ages, and then one comes along and has a nice advert on it.
For those of you with bad sight or lack of knowledge of what's going on in the world, that's one of the "atheist bus campaign" buses. This is the first one I spotted. And, as an aside, you can tell a true friend - they're not annoyed when you hang up on them, then call them back saying "sorry I saw an atheist bus". Not only not be annoyed but be pleased you managed to get a picture.

So what have I been doing since that last post? Not much and a lot. Part of it was written a while ago on this computer but I never finished it. I feel like I've cheated a little bit pretending to have written it all today. So this is a whole new fresh blog. So fresh. So fucking clean. Or not.

I haven't decided what to talk about yet. Shit. I could tell you about my various writing projects, but that's dull I'm sure. Such projects would be - Short comedy film, sitcom and feature film. But I'm sure you'd rather I told you anecdotes of me embarrassing myself. Such anecdotes would be...

Nah, you're not getting any of those. You're getting this.

Stephen 'birdshit' Green has complained about the atheist bus campaign. Now, I don't know if you spotted in the photo above, but the slogan read “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life”...

I can't even write about this anymore. I'd just be repeating myself. The main thing is that people need to stop giving Stephen Green such airtime. If anyone else sent in this complaint, it would just be shown around the office, laughed at and maybe entered into the Darwin awards book (hoping of course that Stephen Green gets run over by one of these buses. Oh fuck me, I'm not one to wish death but that would be so brilliant wouldn't it?! Especially if loads of seagulls swarmed around his corpse like vultures and proceeded to shit all over him jeering "YEH try and get away now, Green, go on, sing yer favourite fucking hymn*!")

I like seagulls.

Yes, back on topic, people should stop treating Stephen Green as if he's the voice of Christians. I know his group's name 'Christian Voice' may suggest this, but this is in fact false advertising... get on to the ASA everyone!

He needs to stop being invited on the radio, TV or anywhere. Watch out Stephen there's a bus...! STEPHEN!!!

Oh, which reminds me.... for Adam and Joe fans.... Okse made this... join in.

I'm going now because I've got brilliant things to do.

Love 'n' cuddles,

Sophie x

*This reminds me of a fabulous joke from Cowards.


OpenID chris-coltrane said...

Two-Blogs Johnson, that's what they'll start calling you.

I agree with you 100%. It's really hard for me to understand why the press keep turning to Stephen Green for opinions. Doesn't everyone know by now that he's mental?

In regards to the press, I can understand that what the press are trying to do is present both sides of a story, even when one side is overwhelming more popular and correct than the other, and in doing so they make insane fringe groups look like they have far more authority than they actually have. But even when you consider all of that, it's still difficult to see why they turn to Stephen Green, of all people.

Are they doing it for a laugh? Are his comments so outlandish and vulgar that the press think it will be sensationalist enough to sell papers? If so, shame on them. And if they're doing it just to appear balanced, then shame on them still, for not doing basic research into who it is that they're quoting.



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