Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Edinburgh Diary 18th-20th August 2008

Our modem is on the naughty step. It isn't flashing its send and receive buttons. Naughty thing. So I'm writing this from a friend's house. What has happened these last two days? My friend Craig came up and we went out with him and his girlfriend. They enjoyed the show apparently, which is good because I think Craig was pretty much expecting it to be awful. So that's nice.
We were flyered by some hip-hop meets Shakespeare play musical type thing. I scoffed and said no until the chap offered up free tickets. Being a freeloader I changed my mind and myself Craig and Cara went in to see the show while Scott went to flyer. The first ten minutes of the show, I sat there cursing myself for saying yes, hip hop plus shakespeare? Oh dear. But I soon got pulled into the show, enjoying the cheesy rap battles and rubbish shakespeare/hip-hop hybrid puns.

Today the show went well, the audience were laughing loud and I had the best time I've had doing the show yet. What a lot of fun. I've sorted an open spot on Friday at the Krazy Horses show at the White Horse, so come along if you're in Edinburgh.

Now, I'm cold and wet. The weather this year has been the worst I've seen it.

Grumble grumble.

Sophie x


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