Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Edinburgh Festival Diary 7th - 13th August 2008

Does this still count as a daily diary? Okay, I'm cheating a little, but I've missed so many now that writing them all and posting at once seems such a chore. So I'll just start again here. I'm a failure okay? But wouldn't you rather I fail at this and succeed in having fun and a good show in Edinburgh? No? Selfish bastards.

I've been inundated with 2 messages asking where the blog has gone, so thanks to both of you. I'm back, and this time it's spellchecked/dangerous.

So, since last many things have happened. My friend Dan came up for 4 days (which is the main reason I haven't been blogging. Staying up late drinking wine, talking nonsense and watching comedy/doctor who is a much more enjoyable way to spend the early hours) He came to see the show and then helped us out in a rigorous and vigorous rewriting session. We've now dropped two sketches that weren't going so well and put another two in.
Now it is the early hours after the day of the 13th, so I must amend the title of this blog as it previously read - "Edinburgh Festival Diary 7th - 12th August 2008". It's 3.49am and I've just got back from Spank! What an interesting evening! It began, dear friends, with erm... I can't remember. Chris Martin was on and he was fab, but then it all got a bit weird cabaret the carnivalesque style. Things started to get weird when Drags Aloud came on. They were fun, but I don't think the crowd were really into it. They were essentially a bunch of transvestites dressed in rubbish Grease outfits dancing badly to a cheesy music medley. Hmm. Then an interval in which the already rowdy audience on one side preceeded to either get rowdier or, in the case of one girl, fall asleep on the table. I'm far too sleepy to go into detail, but the idiot hecklers (one in particular doing an obnoxious fake laugh) got more and more rowdy and impatient and the evening ended with Paul Foot being a total hero and thrusting his pelvis right in their face in an example of his monumental art 'Mime plus'.

What else has happened on the inbetween days? I cannot remember much. But today we had a good show, some chap put a whole £10 in the bucket which was quite astonishing. I'm really pleased with how it's progressing and people have said some lovely things. Basically I'm having a lot of fun.

Oh! I know what else. The new issue of the fanzine I'm working for is out and I am credited at the back as follows -

Is weak minded and has low self esteem the perfect psychological make up for bullying her to work for free and carry heavy stuff.

Time for bed.

Sophie x


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