Saturday, August 02, 2008

Edinburgh Festival Diary 1st August 2008

The first of the blogs that I would really rather not write, but I've committed myself to this blog a day thing. The reason I'd rather not be doing this is that I'm drunk. Proper drunk. Where I've rewritten many of the sentences so far due to total nonsense. I'm concentrating so hard. For you. So fucking appreciate it.

Right. Erm. The show improved today. So good. As long as it keeps improving I'll be happy. A few friend came to see the show including a good friend Helen who came up just to see us. She enjoyed it a lot. Good. She thinks the chaps need to speak up and that we could all do with slowing down a little. Good advice. Er, what else. Fuck I'm pissed. Went to see Simon Munnery who was good but put off by a certain chap. Hey ho. Then I took my friends to see Paul Kerensa's show, which was a lot of fun. Then, er, I bumped into Patrick Monahan who got us in his show. He is such a great crowd pleaser, he should be on TV in a barrymore type situation. Everyone lapped him up. Then... er, met up with a mate for a drink, then went to see a show called "Shaggers", yes, shaggers. It's basically they invite stand ups to come along and they talk about nothing but sex. It was hit and miss. Some people had good crowd banter, some people had good jokes, others were just crude for crude's sake. I'm not easily offended, but if you 'do comedy' without making any jokes, just describing shit porn films, then I might take offence. Don't insult our intelligence. Despite the potential spelling mistakes in this blog. After that I went home and arrived here. It's now almost 3am. Shit. Erm.

G'night. Sorry for shit blog.

Sophie x


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