Monday, July 28, 2008

Edinburgh Festival Diary 28th July 2008

*caution* This and most of the blogs following will be written under the influence of wine, tiredness and a deluded "I'm having fun honest" sort of denial outfit. But it suits me, and I wear it often.

Right, so I'm going to write a daily blog while I'm here at the Edinburgh Festival. As some of you will, and some of you won't know, I'm taking part in a show here. Myself and two others - Scott and Paddy - are performing a comedy sketch show called In The Mouth. This comes from the fact we are Bournemouth people, not the fact that we all like a big pile of spunk in our mouths, though this may be true* However, since I have been telling friends, and particularly comedians about the show I get a raised eyebrow and occasionally a question such as "is it racy?" It's not racey unless you're into the idea of me in a beard as Darwin in the style of Dudley Moore. What?

Oh, what's in a name?!

So, yes, DAY ONE! I started packing, and when I say packing I mean unpacking (from uni) then packing (for Edinburgh), God, where was I? I started packing at about 10pm. And there was much laundry to be done and sorting and zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Sorry I bored myself there. Basically I got to sleep at 4am after some emergency magazine work. And the alarm went beeeeeeeeeeeeeep (it didn't, I'm totally lying at you, it played 6music) at 6.30am. Good!

God, sorry! blah-blah-blah, in conclusion I was tired when I got here. Nice flat, landlord is a Scottish Hugh Laurie. My boyfriend disagrees with this, but I'm sure it's because he doesn't want to encourage it, knowing I crushed on Hugh Laurie way before all you Americans* found him hot in House. George in Blackadder the Third as a teenage crush? FTW!

So Edinburgh is pretty dead at the moment. It's the first time Scott has been here so I showed him around the town, pointing out the main venues, drinking holes, castle, bagpipe players, and standing open mouthed at the fog....

It was sunny two hours ago! Now I can't see a thing. Yes, that's the castle, 20 metres away. What do you mean "Where?"?***...

So, not much to report as yet, apart from the fact we're all far too relaxed about the show. Hey ho. I wan't to achieve either (or both) of the following things.

1 - Have a good time.
2 - Put on a good show.

And that's the priority order.

Just a little room here for some shameless self-promotion right? (Don't forget to check the footnotes below****)

Bye guys, check back. At some point there will actually be stuff going on and I won't blabber on about nothing. Mmm.... wine.

Sophie x

*I'm assuming.
** Brayton? You would, right?
*** This seems like ridiculous punctuation but it seems to make logical sense.
****Because they're SO worth it.


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