Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Famous Poems That I Hate #1.

When I die, I want you to weep. I am there, but I’m dead.

You’ll never see me again, not in any romantic natural scene.

So cry, okay? Because I’m dead.

And that’s really pretty shit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, Sophie, what's really shit is you hot-linking to my graphic and throwing my website stats off kilter. You could have made your point just as well with JUST the words that you hate so much, without involving me or my work.
Cari Ferraro

Blogger Sophie said...

Do you want me to take it down?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, you know it doesn't make me feel very good to see my artwork, which I work pretty hard at, under a title that says Poems I Hate. So I guess it would be nice to not have that juxtaposition. You are welcome to the words (if you go to my website you can find the actual author of the words, which I didn't know when I printed the card but do now) and correctly credit it. She is dead now so won't care that you hate her poem. So yes, maybe it's time to correct this, 'cause I don't think you hate me, and I don't want to hate you!

Blogger Sophie said...

Sorry. I didn't mean to disrespect your artwork.

Blogger Cari said...

Thanks. And I don't mean to disrespect your opinion. I had an uncle who expressed one very similar when he read this.

Blogger Natassia said...

For some reason, Sophie, your apology made me cry with laughter.


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