Monday, February 04, 2008

Izzard & other animals.

What since last?


Also, I went to the year above's degree show in that London. It was a quite modest occasion really, but there was free wine so it soon turned to a fantastic make a fool of yourself evening.

Then on Friday I wandered about that London with Paddy. We had breakfast in a pret a manger which was rubbish, went to oxford street so i could buy some warmer clothes, went to HMV and saw adam buxton, went to Waterstones and saw Vic Reeves, then wandered around wanting to find a third fantastic comedian. I'd seen a poster for an exhibition at the Barbican called "Sex", the poster had a picture of a pair of lips, but vertical, so it looked like a lady's front bottom. This is the sort of art I dig (particularly love Hans Bellmer as those who know me well will know, check him out). So we went to seek out the Barbican. Paddy was all full of knowledge of knowing where it was, so I just followed him. We went to entirely the wrong place and ended up with me asking the woman at a counter of a tiny art museum that obvsiouly wasn't the Barbican "is this the Barbican?" Anyway, it turned out that exhibition had finished. So I twoddled off to the tate modern on my tod while Paddy went to see a film to fall asleep to. Oh hungover warm cinema bliss!

(By the way, anyone seen the crack in the turbine hall installation? It left me rather cold.... it's a crack....deeeeep. It's not even that deep. So many levels. Well it's just on the bottom level. Metaphorically speaking.)

UPDATE - My comment was never put up on the daily mail website about Langham. Quelle surprise!

Then Friday night we went to see Eddie Izzard's work in progress at the Arts. This was kind of a last chance saloon for Izzard to keep my fandom. I grew up watching his dvds and before I really got to know the circuit, he was my favourite. I was one of those annoying people that know all the lines to his routine and would quote non-stop. The first time I saw him live was on the Sexie tour, I was excited as a nutnut, sat next to my Dad in the eastbourne theatre. But it went on for 5 hours. And about 45 minutes was really funny. It was very disappointing. Then I went to see the same show at the Wembley Arena with different people and was disappointed further. The show was exactly the same, a history lecturer with a few witty jokes and good performances. This wasn't the izzard I loved. So as I waited to go in, I wasn't expecting to be blown away, but I was. He is truly back on form. There were a few bits hungover from the Sexie tour, but he'd taken the funny bits, cut out the history lessons, added more funny and dome enthusiasm as well. Fab, really fab.

So, the first to get the conundrum from the last blog was PAUL. He requested I draw him for his myspace.
Double deffo-tastic! It's not the most flattering of doodles, but believe me, I am RUBBISH at drawing, so am pretty proud of this. Imagine being proud of that picture.... that's my life.

When I asked for a blog subject however, he implied I was being lazy in this being a prize, that I was getting people to think for me. This is entirely true, BUT I just want my people to be happy.

So because of this, I shall change the prize. But I can't think of anything. I'll draw you if you like. I dunno. Anything that doesn't involve cash or compromising my dignity.

Here's the next conundrum anyway


Hehe, silly bum.

That's all folks.

Bye xxx


Anonymous Captain Craig said...

I'm glad you had a grand weekend. I searched for some lols to shout about but couldn't see any.
Is your cunundrum umbilical? No wait I'm not asking I'm telling it's umbilical

Blogger Sophie said...

That's correct my dear!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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