Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Let's start with it this time.

Countdown Conundrum IVYSTRIDE - DIVERSITY


No one got it. It could be because no one tried, or it could be because no one read my blog. But I shall have to assume that you are all stupid, everyone in the interworld but me, is STUPID and can't do a simple conundrum. Durrrr.

So since I'm the only one who got it, I get to chose what I write about. I choose Chris Langham on Shrink Rap, I shall be writing as I watch.

As I wait for it to come on, I shall just tell you about a strange encounter I just had. I went to the shop to get wine for my housemates and get myself some dissertation biscuits. But I heard a strange noise, I thought it was a cat, but as I got closer I realised it was someone crying. There was a lady sat outside her house, bawling her eyes out. There was no one with her, and she was obviously distraught so I had to stop. I asked her a very stupid question, "Are you alright?" She said yes. I offered to call someone, asked her if there was anything she needed. She needed a fag. Fair dos, she certainly did. I offered her a hug, which is a pretty strange thing to do these days, offer a stranger a hug. She accepted, and seemed glad to have a shoulder to cry on. She kissed me on the cheek and went inside, so I walked on my way.

It makes my problems of having not quite enough light in my 'working space' a little bit pathetic really. Still, I don't want to strain my eyes do I?

So, the adverts are on now, Chris Langham is about to be on Shrink Rap. I met Chris Langham on my way to my interview to Bournemouth University in Summer 2005. The Comedy Geek that I am, I had to go and say hello, that I was a fan etc. We ended up chatting all the way to London, and he helped me prepare for my interview. So I like him.

It's starting now...

Ooooh unflattering close ups and a V.O introduction, oh no he cries later on. I'm not gonna like this.

I don't know if I can blog about this now. It's too sad....

Watch it now, or on more 4 plus one if you missed it.

Sophie x


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