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Ur mums very poor

This is Richard. He got the Countdown Conundrum correct. Well done him!

Conundrum 1 - RUSKATTIC

Richard would like me to talk about why a lot of TV Comedy isn't very funny.

He makes a good point - "I've not actually seen "Little Miss Jocelyn" (it might be quite good) but if they can't even make the trailers for it funny what hope is there for the actual programme?"

Now I've not seen Little Miss Jocelyn either, apart from the small bit she did on Saturday Live which I talked about here, so I thought I would do my research. It was solely youtube based research to be honest. But the only conclusion I can come to is that, yes, it is pretty rubbish. There are a few smart lines, but mostly it's full of crude stereotypes played by someone who can get away with it because they are of the race that is stereotyped. This can be funny if done well, as with Goodness Gracious Me, and other examples that don't spring to mind, but in my opinion Miss J paints with a brush so broad that you think it's shit.

I shall come back to Little Miss Jocelyn in a moment...

I think it would be wrong to say there is nothing funny on television anymore, it just seems the ones that 'the masses' love are rubbish. This perhaps means that we are outcasts of society for not rolling about with laughter at Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Shit. Were we proper british people we would love it. And we would love tittybangbang. I interviewed Stewart Lee a while back and he spoke to me about Al Murray. He's a popular guy, and sells out etc etc, but the people in his audience are not necessarily who he wanted there. Here's an excerpt from the interview, I hope he doesn't mind....

"There’s an ongoing problem... every 15 or 20 years, there’s a new comedy character that espouses reactionary views in order to satirise reactionary views. In the 60s it was Alf Garnet, and today it’s Al Murray and that great, except it’s not much fun to be in their audience anymore because it’s full of BNP members. The problem is it’s such a good act, that horrible scum really like it!"

Basically, what I think I'm trying to say is that we can't blame the TV peoples for the shit they put out. It's the scum who watch it and buy the dolls and go around pointing at their faces saying they ain't bovvered that need sorting out. There is some fantastic comedy about, you just need to look a little harder.

Someone who is hilariously funny and critiques the shitty TV much, much better than me is Charlie Brooker. So catch up with all the Screenwipe episodes, including the recent Christmas special on youtube here.

But yes, there is shit. Like Titty bangbang. I've watched quite a lot of this, a friend of mine worked as a runner for the latest series and was an extra in a few scenes so we started watching it to try and see him. However, he couldn't stand it. So we never saw him. The show is directed by Bob Mortimer, but in the credits he is 'Robert Mortimer'. I guess he doesn't want the Bob Mortimer brand marred by such shite.
I have to admit, I laugh at the woman playing Tom Cruise. But Duck and Chips is so bad, it cancels out any previous laugh.

So back to Miss Jocelyn. Here's a clip.

On youtube, people can rate comments with a thumbs up or down. If a comment has a certain amount of thumbs downs, it is 'hidden' and you have to select it to read the comment. This seems fair enough when it is racist comments, but one comment that was hidden was just saying they thought the show was rubbish.
What sort of society is it where someone can't comment on a Little Miss Jocelyn clip and say it's rubbish?

Here is a mini comment race row. I will put in italics any bits that made me laugh, I will put in bold any bits that make me angry, and bold and italic for angry and laughing.

(2 months ago)
This is awful. The only thing that made me laugh was the fact that this made it onto tv. But I suppose digital tv will show any rubbish nowadays.
How can a network that produced the office and Fawlty Towers also produce catastrophic nonsense like this?
Political correctness perhaps.

(7 months ago)
There really are NO funny black people on TV. This is very VERY poor.
Why can't she speak proper english??
vejaji2 (7 months ago)
u can fuk ur self and ur mum and ur dad she speak messed english on purpose u batti hole
rht198 (7 months ago)
Why "she speak messed English on purpose" ??? Why would she? Is she simply replicating the failed grasp of the English language that the majority of blacks have in Britain???
vejaji2 (7 months ago)
suck your mum she does it to entertain us and the majoraty of blacks aint retards like u might aswell join bnp and have sex partys with them so suck your mum who is bnp
Lyndanwike (6 months ago)
God, you're such an idiot, your idiocy has got me laughing. Well, DUH! Hence the theme of the show. Hmm, well you see take any ethnic group fresh from another country and I doubt they'll be speaking the queens english. Asians, French, eastern Europeans.
Get with it!
You're such a loser
G00N3R4LYF (5 months ago)
dont h8 us black ppl are much JOKES
namakula18 (6 months ago)
ooh palez same me the drama people who speak other languages other then english usually have an accent doe not mean they cannot speak english. its the same with french men , when some speak english they have an accent. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE YOU GENERALIZE PEOPLE( EXPECIALLY BLACK PEOPLE)AND SHOT OFF YOUR MOUTH.
pyohaha (6 months ago)
Well I suppose Lenny Henry, Gina Yashere, Eddie Murphy, The Wayans Family (Just to name a few) are just chopped liver, are they?
She's playing on a stereotype, which people like you assume of the people she portrays in her show. Get a life.
rht198 (5 months ago)
Sorry, you're right. Lenny Henry is REALLY funny. All those funny faces he pulls are too much for me sometimes
G00N3R4LYF (5 months ago)
Ur mums very poor

I guess rht198 has a point with the Lenny Henry thing.

Anyway, I've been talking far too much. Still need to squeeze in....

meacock (Shakesp) adj timorous, effeminate, cowardly.




Oh, I guess the prize will be the same for now, but I'm open to negotiations!

Sophie x


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