Saturday, December 01, 2007

Wise words

I was perusing "Teach Yourself Philosophy" by Mel Thompson. Such wise words. Such beauty. Taste this one for starters....

"Philosophy of religion would be quite impossible without religion."

Put that in your philosophical pipe and get high on the heady truths that seep out.


Also I received an email today. From a guy called Guy.

Hi Guys I'm Guy and I need a Bi Guy for my fly-by film "Guy the bi buys a guy". It's well fly, aye. I will try - if not i'll cry - to buy a bi, but that's by the by. I won't lie I am Bi and my name is Guy, aye. In the end we die because my-oh-my the end is nigh. Why? The guy in the sky is sly, aye. I breathe a sigh as I go to Rye, they're oh so wry in Rye, or at least they try. The wall is high, but I peek, I pry to defy the sky. So if you're Thai, or wear a tie and your name is Guy or you're a Guy and you want to die because you bi, give us a try. Bye



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