Sunday, May 06, 2007

Stalking the night bus.

Superman by Black Lace just came on my media player.... I don't know why I have that. Anyway, that's not what I'm here for, it just really threw me... It's a really shit song. Seriously....I used to love this as a kid. I'm so cool now. Too cool for that wack stuff. I'll press skip in a minute...
Oh it's finished anyway. ELO. Much better.
Right, moving on before we drown in the stream of consciousness. Could you drown in something that is the very essence of consciousness itself? You could perhaps get a consciousness overload. You could become so aware of everything that you realise the essential truth* and therefore die. Glug glug, I need ignorance. Rose tint me, rose tint me.

Yeh check that shit out. I can be po-fucking**-etical.

Anyway, I apologise. I've got typing diarhhoea. Obviously it's gold though, not shit. Anyone who thinks it's shit, you're just not seeing the multiplicitous layers, and are a bit thick. You're shit, not me.

I haven't said anything yet.

So what since last... I'm still going a bit insane, but that's all good. Life experience and that. It's a bank holiday weekend! It's a really depressing name when you think about it. The one thing being celebrated here is the banks not being open. Why not call it "Long Weekend" officially? Everyone would be much happier. Especially the poor person who actually does do some work in the bank. There must be someone. Otherwise the world would fall apart, non?
For the german speaking amongst you, enjoy this wordplay.
Body, oder? (Say it aloud***)

So, Friday I went to a fancy dress party "What you wanted to be when you grew up". My first worry was, is that grammatically/logically non-sensical? But I soon got over that. (Someone please help!!) I went as a secretary, because it was either that or accountant or actress. Yeh...

Saturday... Oh yeh that was yesterday. Went to a gig in Ole Camden Town to see my mate Paul/Ben in Band(ism) Robin Nature-Bold introduced a song 'Edgy Meat'. But we all know it should be V.Edgy Meat. I demand (a)that he gets it right, and (b)royalties.
While queueing for the toilet I saw Rich Fulcher. I tapped him upon the shoulder and said "Rich Fulcher" (People love it when you say their name at them.) I then splatted verbal diarrhoea all over him and lost my place in the queue. Arses.
Then P/B took us by the hand and led us through the streets of London. 'Camden to Brixton - the road trip' began. It was marvellous. Paul had several enemas, being directed by two drunk people. We ended up stalking the night bus. We made good time. We sure did.

Then today the day began with 'Brixton to Paddock Wood - the train trip'. It was a lonely one, with engineering works and a strange sensation of experiencing Paul Merton's B.O.

And to the family get together where there were too many dogs (my Aunties HEART Crufts)..(ASIDE: That Old English Sheepdog that drove the car for that april fools thing all those years ago was my Gramps' Dog. Yes...I know. WOW!). Dogs and babies don't mix and neither does a hangover and family reunions. Again, here's a toilet story for you. My grandparents have got a new fangled old-people shower and toilet fitted. They've put up a sign in the toilet explaining not to push the seat down because it slowly goes down under its own weight, and if you push it it breaks the mechanism. Fine. But here's the rub... 'its' was "it's", 'own' was "on" and 'weight' was "wieght". How are we to respect our elders when they behave in such a fashion? I'm concerned my Nephew will see that and think it is correct. I red-penned the fucker. Disrespectful? Perhaps. But people must learn.

So I got home finally and watched the Dr Who repeat. Some things are just so reliable. If David Tennant's endearing over-acting and beautiful, if slightly-too-small, face can make everything ok. I bought a tardis shaped drinks cooler the other day. That's what I'd save in a fire. It makes the noise and has a flashy light and yes, it is bigger on the inside.

Sophie x

*I cannot disclose this is such a public arena as the madly popular world that is myblog.
** Yeh, I fucked Po. I'd do it again too. Again again!!
*** "I'm black and proud"


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