Thursday, March 01, 2007

Media bickering!

A Virgin balloon in the Sky. It's nice to see they were able to get on at one point.
So yes, I awoke this morning to discover that Sky had said "a-bye-bye now" to Virgin (previously NTL) customers. I am one of those such people.
So no more sticking on Simpsons after Simpsons after Futurama after Simpsons when you can't decide what else to watch and you need some light entertainment. Shame. I was a little annoyed at first.
I began composing a letter that might have gone a little soemthing like this...(had I actually written it)....

Dear Points of View/Watchdog/Ofcom/Mr Branson/Sky,

I am very annoyed not to be able to watch the Simpsons back to back. What am I to watch instead of Hollyoaks now?

I would like to speak to your manager...I don't care if he's busy..!!

etc etc.

But just as I was about to wax seal the envelope, I noticed a channel on the listings called "Sky Snooze". I wondered what this was about. So looked further.
From Digital Spy:
"Sky has criticised Virgin Media for renaming some electronic programme guide slots previously occupied for its now-withdrawn basic channels.
Shortly after Sky One, Two, News, Sports News, Travel and Travel Extra disappeared from Virgin's digital cable TV service at midnight, some channel names were altered in a reflection of the huge distance between the cable operator and Sky. Channel 602, previously home to Sky News, was renamed "Sky Snooze try BBC", while the former Sky Sports News slot was renamed "Old Sky Sports Snooze". On-screen messages blamed Sky for the disappearance of the channels, with messages claiming that Sky wants "to limit... choice and force consumers into switching service."
A Sky spokesperson said today that Virgin's actions were "consistent with their dismissive attitude towards the value of Sky's basic channels throughout this process." The representative added: "This kind of childishness can only irritate customers who are loyal viewers of our channels."
There was no indication today that the two sides are any closer to breaking the stalemate."

I am now on Virgin's side. How amusing. I love childish behaviour. I went back to the on-screen guide later, and they had changed them back, unfortunately. But there was this message on the screen:
"Thanks to Sky, some of the non-premium Sky channels, like Sky One and Sky News are no longer available, they've picked up their ball and gone home."


Keep it playground.

Sophie x


Blogger Pynchon said...

Quite right.

B*llocks to Murdoch.

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