Saturday, January 13, 2007

Man bites Scarf.

What a wonderful evening. My housemate and I decided to celebrate the loans coming through in a sensible yet fun way. We rented a movie from the Arts Institute Library and ordered in pizza. MEAT FEAST. We ladies like our meat. And of course two bottles of fine wine...

So first we wathched the movie (Man Bites Dog) and drank the wine (Blue Nun...not really, we may be students, but come on!) and the pizza man arrived, lovely jubbly. The film is hilarious. I hadn't seen it in full before, just bits here and there, usually in lectures. I seem to have developed a mark gatiss-esque crush for the guy in the lead role. What is it with me and my penchant for serial killers? Maybe I should head out into charminster, swaying my hair about, brandishing a pair of scissors in case, on this occassion, the poor chap left his at home. You know what it's like when you have the whim to go to the library and find a wonderful book, but dagnammit, you left your library card at home!

Hair indeed. After the film we watched the extra feature which was a short starring the same enticing Rémy...oh lala. It's called 'Pas de C4 pour Daniel Daniel' and I implore you to see it. I couldn't find it on youtube I'm afraid. Here's a great scene from the movie though...

Hair indeed? After the watching my housemate and I continued the wine, and she said, doesn't this bit of my scarf look like did. Turns out she got it from Hawkhurst Cottage Hospital, they were throwing out a load of stuff and her stepmum asked if she wanted any of it, a nice looking scarf...yes I'll have that, she thought. Unfortunately it didn't cross her mind to check the wool. I mean it's the first thing one should do when committing to a new scarf, check it isn't made out of dead old ladies' hair.

How I laughed.

Oh and an alternative to the Queen's speech, it's James Cunt's New Year message. It's short and definitely worth a look. See the how he berates the world and how his New Years resolution is so bent towards fixing the world's problems...

Now that's a New Year's Revolution in my opinion.

Sophie x


Blogger Pynchon said...

"Man Bites Dog" is one of those curious beasts in that, yes, it is very funny, but after awhile I felt guilty for thinking it was funny. I'm thinking of the lead characters racism and the sexual assault he commits late in the film.

So, I don't suppose it is really funny at all.

Great film, though.


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