Monday, January 29, 2007

MAC vs. PC vs. NHS

Myspace seems to have this new thing of "advert of the day". They will have the same advert ALL DAY, on every available advert space.

Yesterday it was The NHS 'get unhooked' thing. I find the Tv advert a bit gross, and nto as acceptably gross as the normal gross ones (respiratory problems, people crying over spilt cancer etc). They're all fine, because it's scaremongering, but it's actually scaremongering about something relevant. Smoking can and does cause these terrible things. But I don't remember seeing anyone with a hook in their face. If they did, it's because they want it there for sexual fetishy piercing reasons. Fairplay to them. But it's not relevant to smoking. It's a pun. A shock tactic based on a pun.

See? Change the tagline to "Take care when fishing", and it loses the impact it thinks it has (but doesn't).

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not moaning about this because I do smoke. Not at all. I think these ads

are effective in bringing the dangers of smoking to a head. Quite emotive n shit. Rubbish NHS, must try harder.

But all this is nothing, NOTHING, when compared with today's adverts. They all showed Mitchell and Webb personifying a PC and a MAC, respectively. They basically infer that MACs are cooler, more reliable, and just generally...better. Aber, nein. I think the main problem is that anyone with taste will realise that David Mitchell is the more talented, witty, and generally better of the two. So that doesn't really work too well.

Fuck off!

I have an idea for an alternative one. Same thing as usual, but Robert -annoying fucking face- Webb, gets hit with the COLOURED WHEEL OF DEATH, knocking him out cold. At which point Mitchell the PC, would download documents from media2 with no problem, and would function in any temperature*

I fucking hate macs. They're so un-PC.

The only argument used to be - fuck bill gates, buy a mac. But that doesn't even stand anymore. You're feeding him more - because they're so much more expensive. If you're that bothered, buy a PC and a tin of white enamel paint.

Sophie x

*In the writer's room, in the 'style over substance' media school, the room has to be kept at 23 degrees celsius, or the MACS will malfunction.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here here, Macs are useless white demons from the underworld that pretend to be so much better than PC's but when you say "Hello Mac could you please do this" it just acts all cool and says "well your in charge, you do it." They are unnecersarily complicated and i now can't go in the writters room after being caught sat in there shouting at a Mac and "slapping" it accross the face for being a useless piece of shit!

Blogger Pynchon said...

Aren't Macs very pretty, pretty machines?

I don't own one. I love my PC. Not a thing wrong with it.


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