Monday, September 03, 2007

What I done this Summer. (Edinburgh mostly) - Part One!!!

This is going to be a very back and forth blog - I'm basically going to dig deep into the dark damp pit of Edinburgh 2007 memories in my brain memory device. I could plan it out and have it all beautifully chronological but that would take too much time and would ruin the 'stream of consciousness'/'freewriting' style i strive so ardently to imitate.

I'll start off with the basics. I was working for The Fix comedy magazine as my University Placement/Slave Trade. My relationship with the Editor peaked with me having a tearful breakdown, and wearing a home-made paper hat that simply read (not the band), erm yes, the hat thing said "Fuck off *****" The stars do not denote more obscenity but to respect the anonymity of the Editor of the Fix magazine which you could easily look up and find out. But bickering aside we had a lovely time, I developed a weight complex - aided by Harry (oops) saying he wanted to give me a weight complex and making at least a comment a day on how i was looking fat/like a lesbian. My basic goals set out for me by my then boss were -
1) Hand out a shit load of magazines.
2) Have an orgy with Pappy's Fun Club.
I only managed one of these.

Having a press pass meant one thing - Free tickets. Sure, I'm going to review it...

So here is a section I liked to call "Things I got free tickets/entrance for and what I thought of them" (In no particular order other than the order the tickets I kept were in in my bag)

"Things I got free tickets/entrance for and what I thought of them"

3 Comedians for the price of None! - They were all great but here is my order of preference : Carl Donnelly, Chris Martin, Benny Boot.This was a Free Fringe Show by the way - I am aware that everyone got in free...

Marc Maron & Kirk Fox - Kirk fox was very cute and entertaining but I didn't really laugh a lot. I spent most of the time thinking about how he reminded me of Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine.(This may be my fault not his - I don't remember) Marc Maron was amazing. I later saw him have a slight breakdown at Late n Live which wasn't so hot, but this night I went he was really great. Like Woody Allen but less of a geek and angrier. Perhaps more violent.

Terry Saunders - Missed Connections - This was many people's favourite show at the Fringe. I can't decide. It was definitely up there. Very sweet and almost made me cry (this 'almost' is topped by 2 shows which actually made me cry)

We Are Klang - Dickparty: A Retrospective - I really enjoyed this show. The similarity of Greg Davies with Rik Mayall astounded me. He was great, as was Marek as always and Steve's arse stole the show. [Later in the festival, I chatted to Steve - what a nice guy]Unfortunately I had to leave the show a sketch before the end... this was so I could meet up with Pappy's and dance naked for Phil Nichol's one night return of The Naked Racist. Unfortunately we were standing outside the venue chatting for so long that we didn't manage to dance naked. I was quietly relieved.

Stephen K Amos - Weekend Talk Show - Who was on...erm Carey Marx (drunk) Phil Nichol (outed Stephen 'Gay' Amos to the surprise of nobody really), eeerm....And an Irish lady who I forget. But the highlight really was Ali McGregor - she's so talented, it made me see these stupid comics for the untalented, shallow show offs they really are (this was my thought at the time...rubbish really, but I'd got a little sick of comedy. Don't worry, it passed) She was good though.
After that Mayo got me in to Mickey D's Phat Cave (oo er) which was great, Tripod headlined (more on them later). What was a shame was that I missed out on the phat beats of Andrew McClelland, Chris wanted to go to beddy byes - baby. :p

Pappy's Fun Club - I hate Brendon Burns.

I guess that can't be all i say about Pappy's. I'm their no1 fan, what do I say. Keep it up boys. At least Andrew Lawrence? surely? Or even Maxwell? Fucking hell.

Tony Law 'Revenge of the Dog of Time - funny and adorable. I love the Panda (I've started to realise I'd better be more brief!)

Glenn Wool - Promises Promises - Moustache Montage was amazing. He was good, hell yeh. Up and down. Eye patch vagina thing.

The Phone Book Live - I saw Paul Foot doing this - very amusing. The Auction is awkward though isn't it. Who wants a phone book?

Paul Foot's Comedy for Connoisseurs Having seen Paul before and thought 'yeh, quite funny', I wasn't expecting much, but he was great. took me about 10-15 minutes to get into it. Things really got good when he was heckled "Keep still". Very funny, and his mime plus is fabby. yes.

Daniel Kitson - Sold out for the entire run. How did you blag? I asked the drunk owner. He said Daniel can she come? He nodded, perplexed, I got in. nice. Daniel wins prize for first show of the festival that made me cry (though by sheer volume of water, came second) I ended up meeting him properly, what a thoroughly lovely chap who wants to inappropriately touch Tom from Pappy's... He called me vibro-twat which was a bit rude.

Break time (My sister niece and nephew are here...)

It's now 4 days later. I'll just change the title of this post to Part One and carry on later. Too long a blog otherwise, ya know.

Au Revoir!

Sophie x


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