Monday, July 02, 2007

Dictionary Corner

Here is the final collection of nice/interesting words or phrases found in the dictionary* from this academic year.

- beblubbered adj disfigured by weeping.
- beweltered adj besmeared by weltering in blood.
- clitellum n a saddle-like structure around the anterior part of some annelid worms, having glands which secrete mucus to form a sheath around a copulating pair and a cocoon around the eggs.
- crapulence n sickness caused by excessive drinking.
- cummingtonite n a mineral of the amphibole group, hydrated magnesium iron silicate, occuring in metamorphic rocks. [Cummington, town in the US where it was first found]
- epanadiplosis n a figure by which a sentence begins and ends with the same word, eg 'Rejoice in the Lord alway, and again I say, rejoice'.
- epeolatry n worship of words.
- ergo bibamus (L) therefore let us drink.
- fizgig n a giddy or flirtatious girl.
- forswunk adj overworked.
- gowpen n the hollow of the two hands held together.
- Gradgrind n a person who regulates all human things by rule and compass and the mechanical application of statistics, allowing nothing for sentiment, emotion and individuality. [From Thomas Gradgrind in Dickens's Hard Times.
- habdabs n pl a state of extreme nervousness. 'screaming habdabs' (inf) a bad case of this involving hysterical crying.
- halcyon adj calm; peaceful; happy and carefree.
- halcyon days n pl a time of peace and happines.
- hamartia n (in a literary work) the flaw or defect in the character of the hero that leads to his downfall.
- hogen-mogen n haughtiness; adj high and mighty.
- katzenjammer n a hangover.
- malapropos adj out of place; unsuitable; inapt, inappropriate. adv inappropriately; untimely. n something untimely or inappropriate.
- mondial adj of the whole world, worldwide.

We also had a section called OBSCENITY SQUARE, where we put newly invented swearwords/phrases. Here they are.

- Trash my bumhole - an invitation to anal sex.
- CUNTINS abbrev. C U Next Tuesday If Not Sooner.
- Thundercunt n a lady well-endowed in the vaginal/labial department.
- Muckspread my birth-canal - an invitation to ejaculation within the vagina.
- Muff-huff n - an exhalation of trapped air from the vagina.

Is it wrong to be terribly proud of Dictionary Corner? I think not.

Any suggestions for additions?

Sophie x
*The Chambers Dictionary. New Ninth Edition. I'm not anal, I haven't included the ISBN.


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