Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Quem Pastores Wet 'n' Wild

What to do? I went to have a relaxing bedtime bath, but it ended up invigorating me. Maybe I should have done this at the beginning of the day, rather than waking up late, going to the post office to pick up a parcel I missed, then lolloping about feeling lethargic. I know. WWI?!?! ('what was it' to the gamers, 'world war 1' to the historians*) The parcel? Well it was a "roll around rat ball" for my new sticky eyed pet, Baby Jane. You know, like a hamster ball, but bigger. I thought she'd love it, after all it cost more money than I should have spent. But instead she sees it as a toilet. Fine. But she has conjunctivitis. Everybody now, aaaaaaaaahhhh. No, less like screaming. Arrrrhhhhh. No, less like a pirate....ah, forget it.

Also today I spent a lot of time downloading Christmas music. It's a comfort thing. I'm dreading a year of hard work, I'm away from my family and boyfriend. So Christmas Carols and the soundtracks to Muppets Christmas Carol, Dr Seuss' Grinch and more cheese besides are my love. It's all I need. I don't need sympathy. Especially from you weirders who don't even know how to 'ahh' properly. I'd probably end up accused of rape. Again (Lol...)

Erm.... I might get fired from one job tomorrow. Hooray! So I've got a back up. I'm back on the AQA bandwagon. Any Question Answered, it's fab. www.63336.com. I answer questions for them. It's nice. And...

(All this time I was wondering where my phone was, and there it was under my derrier**)

...Erm....so I'm back on the Freelance Researcher fun train. Nice. Might actually get paid. Oh it's HILARIOUS, I have no money. Send Cheques and postal orders NOW. Most amusing amount of money wins an AS NEW Roll-a-round Rat ball!! (Now with new exciting odours!)

Oh, also exciting, I have a new stalker. Though he hasn't written about me recently, and I've been checking his blog EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY! Jeez...... Some people don't have the loyalty.

Speaking of which, you guys ain't commenting. Sure I'm a flaccid blogger. It happens sometimes, you forget you have a blog, you realise that when you're busy or doing something interesting you don't want to write your blog. So you don't. So drop a comment at the bottom. Maybe argue over who likes me most. Or who you think my new stalker might be (it is a myspace friend of mine, so that narrows it down to 180)

Oh anyway, I was talking about downloading Christmas music, which is what the title of this blog is about. Some of you may be familiar with a Carol called Quem Pastores Laudavere... No? Well you'd know the tune if I hummed it. Hmmmmm hm hmmmmm hm hm hm hm hmmmm hm, hm hm hm hm hm hm hmmmmmmmmmm hm hmmmmmmm hm*** Yeh that's the one. Well I was searching for this, and as always I got the porn virus fake files option. "Quem Pastores Wet 'n' Wild" - Obviously I'm being kind on the correct elision of and to 'n', but you don't want to slander the poor people who are just trying to make a buck by mending computers that they have put viruses on....CONSPIRACY!?

Bournemouth University ("BU" is going to become academic rather than vocational. Oh good, so rather than sticking to our strengths, we're going to be a tiny rotton fish in a big old posh pond, with polytechnic scales still stuck to us, and noone but drunks choosing to fish us out... It's not like there are lots of successful academic fish who can swim strongly in their pond, that people really want to go to, or that in the pool of vocational courses, Bournemouth is one of the strongest vocational fish, oh no, we'd rather be wimpy and try and swim with the academic salmon as they burst upstream, and we just can't even remain stationary against the current. We're going backwards. And we've got redundant eggs. 50 redundant eggs that showed such potential. Is it unprofessional and perhaps dangerous to say the VC is a bit of a cunt? Well maybe I mean the Victoria Cross, so FU BU VC!*

Rant over.
A picture to cheer us up again:

Ah Guardian, you do so well to cheer us up on a dull day. I took this photo while on the train and laughing alot, so apologies if it's a bit blurred.
Good day.

Sophie x

*Paul made this joke, but it was in a shared moment, so if it wasn't for me it wouldn't exist. Anyway, I'm not plagiarising because I'm referencing. (Bandism, P. 2006: 2) See. So fuck you.
***If you do actually know this you should be impressed. Are you?
**** I think this is the best thing ever. I wonder if I can submit it as a dissertation? Or maybe I should do my final feature on a VC who's after the glory, but fucks up. I could mean Vain Choirboy.


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