Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Shall I blog every day?

So this is the third blog I'm writing in as many days. Aren't you luck punters?

"Don't you want to throw away your mouldy sponge?"
"No, I like it"
"You like to put black mould in your foofoo?"

That conversation interrupted my writing this blog so I thought I might share it with you.

Anyway, yes. My friend has started a blog to help him stop writers' block and he intends to write in it everyday. I'm going to attempt this too (I'm such a copycat) So watch out. This is going to get pretty dull. Especially considering I do nothing interesting.

Take today for example. I woke at 7 to wake up my boyfriend, then went back to sleep. You may infer from the previous blog entry that I was a bit weary today. So I milled about a lot. Mainly the day consisted of procrastination and anxiety. So I'm a bit frazzled now. As if I'd done loads of work. But I haven't.

Knock knock joke splicing
Knock knock.
Who's there?
Doctor Who?
No need to cry about it.

(That might have been half someone else's idea but he stole a joke from me and never credited me, so I'm going to do that as well. HA)

I'm seriously racking my brains for something to write ooh, Emma and Swpnil just added me to a conversation on msn. That's how exciting my life is. Everyone's panicking about the minor project. Well I am anyway.

We have to pitch a feature film idea as if we were doing it professionally. I'm happy with the idea I've got, but I hate pitching. Come on, it's not as if it's anything I'm ever going to have to do... they spent the first 2 years telling us we'll never be able to write a feature - so why know how to pitch one?

Still I think the idea is that it's fun. I guess I can make a press pack and make it look like a bible and stuff....(my film is about a vicar who hears the voice of God telling him to sacrifice his congregation, a thriller/dark comedy)

How realistic is the pitch going to be though? If I offer to fellate my markers if they like my film, will I be marked fairly, which of course would be highly. As that's what everyone actually does. Always. Honest.

I've just been shown a blog from someone who used to do my course. Apparently he won the Plater Prize. Read his blog here. Unfortunately I took one look and threw up.

I like a boring, honest blog like mine!

I got a Countdown conundrum calendar. You get a conundrum everyday.
Here's today's -

First person to get the answer right (put it in the comments) can dictate a subject for me to blog about. Sounds boring huh? It's not. It's your chance to show my ignorance, embarrass me, or find the answer to something you can't be bothered to google yourself.
This will be a regular feature (ergh) of my blog, but the prize will probably change.

I'm also going to bring back dictionary corner. A word a day. I will pick up the dictionary and find a word I didn't know, or really love, and I'll put it up here.

holus-bolus adv all at once; altogether. [Sham L; perh from Eng whole bolus or Gr holos and bolos lump, bolos]

So let us all shout holus-bolus - "SHUT UP SOPHIE, YOU'RE BORING!"

Okay, bye.

Sophie x

Me with wine love in my eyes.....


Blogger Brody said...

I plan on blogging everyday, too. Care to wager bragging rights on who doesn't make it all the way?

Seriously, I enjoy your site and look forward to seeing a post everyday in 2008.

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