Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Drunk blogging

So I've never blogged when drunk before, though it may seem like it. I've just always been down with the stream of consciousness style, alright. Now get over it.

Big ups - Paul G and Sloop John B

So yes, I am inebriated. It's the only way to survive New Year's Day with my father. Oh he's lovely, but can you believe by 9.30pm I was actually interested in his holiday snap (which are always photos of greek island landscapes badly taken) and was so drunk I was incessantly hugging him.

ermmmmmmm. Oh my I've run out of wine. No worry, no worry we shall carry on. I don't know what to write about. I know, I'll do the old trick of asking msn friends for inspiration words....

Grace - as always, first reply, goes for stretchy.
Tim - is confused. But decides on elegance.
Mayo says - gratuitious, but I think he means gratuitous...
Tex says pinata. (SHOUT OUT TO THE TEX MASSIVE :P)
Paul K says discombobulate. Smart arse.
Okse says fortune.
Paul G says a load of bollocks amongst which is wankers cramp

Right - I have got my work cut out. Use this words in a way to sum up 2007.

What has been stretchy in 2007 or my life recently? First thing that springs to mind is account balance, but that makes no sense. Well I guess it's simply trousers. After Christmas binging. In 2007 overall? I suppose it is boundaries.....keep 'em fluid...

I'm not sure I have ever been elegant. I hope so, but fear not so. At the moment nothing is more elegant to me than the way wine looks in a wine glass. I suppose the most elegant thing I did all 2007 was my script. I'm pretty proud of it. In reality the most elegant I have been are the times I choose to pardon myself after belching. Oh dear.

Don't even go there Hellman's boy.
Okay, what has been gratuitous in 07? Edinburgh. It was filthy. And so gratuitous. If you are gratuitous to the point of no return, are you grateful? I was.

I have two pinata memories of 2007. The first is at Dana's birthday party, which was fun fun fun. The second I shall go into more. It is the tale of the VC, vicious cunt, vice chancellor, wha'ever. He has been the bane of my term. My mother came to the choir concert and i was so angry he was there with his little rat face I hatched a plan. I convinced my mother it would be hilarious to flirt with him then swiftly reject and insult him. Mother agreed this would be fun but then asked which was he. When I pointed him out she said "i'm not going to flirt with him, he looks like he has leukemia"
I love my mother.
Oh and the reason this is a pinata memory is because at the Su but mainly Animation protest, they had a pinata with paul curran's face on that they beat with a stick. It's time's like this I wish I believed in voodoo.

What have I discombobulated in 07? Myself a few times of coutrse. Everyone I talk to? You right now? I hope so. Thanks peekay, I had to google that to check the meaning. In my drunkenness it seemed a quote from the Dr Johnson blackadder.

I hope this is a prediction. I'm fucking broke.

It could be wankers' cramp, i'm not sure. Pauly chose not to apostrophosise. Yes I invented that.
Okay....... thanks for this. Erm.....

Time for goodbye.


Sophie xxxxxxxxx


Anonymous Sloop John B said...

Thanks for the "big up", Sophie, although that is possibly the lamest nickname I've ever heard. Please tell your mother that her line about the VC looking like he has leukemia is already one of my favourite quotes of 2008.

And thank you for drawing your readers' attention to the scourge of wanker's cramp, the hidden epidemic.


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