Sunday, January 06, 2008

I lost my legwarmers...

Okay, so I missed Saturday the 5th.... I didn't have access to a computer. Also now I am writing from my boyfriend's house and don't have my countdown calendar with me, so you shall have to do without a conundrum for today. (PLUS you missed yesterdays. I think perhaps a triple conundrum tomorrow. Oh blimey, there's a reason to tune in....!)

So, although we have a winner from the last blogs conundrum, I have only just informed them, so I have no instructions as yet. I'm free!

Yesterday I did the Monopoly pub crawl. The idea is that you go to a pub on every street on the monopoly board. I think it was 26 pubs, a drink in each.... I went with my friend Paul. We failed. I think some other people succeeded, but we got a little tired of rushing off every 5 minutes. Plus I got distracted by a ride in Leicester Sq. Woo fly high! I was so drunk at this point that my adrenaline forgot to kick in. As I wooshed past my friends I wooped and shouted that I loved them, but really I was really relaxed. I had been hot and sweaty and the cool night air rushing through my hair, and gazing across the view of London was really quite serene and lovely.

and I lost my legwarmers. A lady stole them. Well, I gave them to her and forgot to ask for them back.

I also composed this chat-up line for ladies to use on men.

Nice beard, wanna see mine?

Sure, it only works on men with beards. Why not try this variation for a clean-shaven chap...

You should grow a beard. Mine looks great...(Here you flash it)...see?

One of the pubs was The Comedy, which is just next to The Comedy Store. As we passed, Greg Davies (We are Klang's 'fat rik mayall') was stood outside as he was MCing that night. I said "The marvellous Greg Davies" and did a curtsey. I should have left it there. But instead I went on to say that i loved his belly (as there is a facebook group called I Love The Belly Of Greg Davies). I then rubbed his belly. He said a lot of people say that. I said yes, blame Marek. I said to say hi to Marek from me then ran off to catch up with my friends. Of course how could Greg Davies pass on my hello without knowing who I was. Oh dear.

So we went to Miranda's birthday party. I've met her only a couple of times, but I think it is safe to say she is lovely, so happy birthday to her. At this party I embarrassed myself a lot I imagine. I felt maudelin and we travelled off.

I saw everyone's favourite lecturer RB on the tube home.... (photos to follow....)


And now, today, I had brunch with friends, though really, I watched my friends have brunch. I was feeling a little hungover, not too bad, but they were laughing and talking and sharing stories of bands I have never heard off. I must keep up. I was the youngest one there but I felt old and out of touch. Must go to more gigs.

Now I am back in Kent, realising I go back to Bournemouth on Friday, and hair freshly cut.



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