Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Adam and Joe stole my Monday

Last night I did very well in preparing for today. I did some more reading, arranged all my research into chapter piles and wrote a plan for the chapter I was going to write. Well done me.

That started at 8pm and finished at about 3am. Before that I spent the day thinking how dark it was in my room. I tried removing the light shade - it's one of those papery ones, so I thought* that removing it might brighten things up a bit. But WOE UPON ME, darker times were upon me** because not only did it not make a difference, but now, everywhere I looked, a little light bulb obscured my view. Little bright lightbulb in front of the computer screen, little bright light bulb in front of my books, little bright light bulb in front of my eyes everywhere. So I browse the internet and found a nice table lamp. Now I will be able to work. Once it arrives. Let there be light. (As I was on amazon, I might as well order a new alarm clock...I have a nice retro one, but it loses time so fast. I have to set my alarm for 5am for it to go off at 8.30ish. Depending what time I go to bed. I need to get rid of this retro unreliable tardy clock and get a new, shiny clock that tells the actual time. Of course I want one that plays the radio because who wants to wake to a beep? So of course I need to get a DAB digital radio one, because I like 6music. Now I have something worth living for. The arrival of my lamp and digital radio alarm clock. Woo. Loans coming in are good. I am less into my overdraft than I was before. (Wasn't this paragraph dull?)

So that was yesterday, and today I woke at approximately 8ish (I mis-timed my alarming, got up, had a bowl of cereal, checked my email, felt freezing cold, thought it was too dark, so got in bed with my essay plan and a pen, and fell asleep. I woke again at noontime and walked around the house for a bit. I put on the Adam and Joe 6music radio show using the listen again feature (I won't have to do this when I get my fancy new digital radio!!) I then got dressed and wrote 2 sentences over and over again (unlike with these blogs, I usually have trouble writing and rewrite and rewrite until there's nothing left). I wrote nothing on the chapter, tried to make myself feel better by reading a book for a while. There was nothing helpful in it, but it was very interesting (May I recommend Karen Armstrong's 'The History of God', it's very interesting) It's strange reading a book and listening to a radio show at the same time. My concentration is on the book while songs play, but on the radio while they chat the funnies, but sometimes the funnies and the God bit mix up in my head and I wish I could end this paragraph in a funny way by putting a funny and a god thought together, but I can't think of anything. Bye....

Then Dad*** comes in and tells me dinner is ready. We decide to watch a bit of my Adam and Joe DVD I got from a charity shop for a mere £2. Then it's Midnight. Now it's 1 and I've watched Seinfeld and Never Mind the Buzzcocks while half paying attention to this blog.

We watched the best of all 4 series, the making of Adam and Joe and enjoyed the menu screens about 2 more times than is healthy.

Watch lots on Adam Buxton's youtube site

Here's a favourite of mine (youtube exclusive from Adam Buxton that you've probably all seen, but why not enjoy it again?)

Countdown Conundrum - IVYSTRIDE

(Apologies to last blog's Countdown Conundrum winner, as you may have noticed I abandoned the blog for a while.... Do not let this stop you entering (oo-er) this time. You can make me write what you like. You could even suggest photoshopping challenges (I am rubbish, it would be funny))

Mark Lamarr thinks he is funnier than he is.


Sophie x

*Indeed here, I stopped writing for ages because I got distracted by F-U-R-E-N-D-S and the piss up in a brewery in series 2.
**Apologies for the repetition of upon me


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