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The Langham Blog (with Daily Mail Fun!)

This Blog will be in two parts. Part One, my reaction. Part Two, The Daily Mail and its readers' reactions.

(What a sicko, he even smokes where one shouldn't...)


So I have wiped my tears and will now write about Chris Langham on Shrink Rap. Pamela Stephenson was more bearable in this than other episodes because she managed to shut up and listen and not assume too much. I remember in the one with Stephen Fry she seemed adamant to make Stephen Fry admit he found his buggery at boarding school traumatic, whereas he thought is wasn't that much of a big deal. Fair enough, I'm sure he's done it a lot since. I think he said he found it surprising, but not that traumatic. I can't be bothered to look up the quote, it was something along those lines. I think the reason in this one was that Chris Langham obviously really wanted to talk about it. So she didn't have to probe too much. She asked the questions that needed asking, and apart from that sat back and listened. So well done to her.
Some might argue that this was a big PR stunt, that Chris went on to get sympathy, to get people to stop saying he's a paedophile, but I think he's cleverer than that. Whatever he says, there will be people who will label him and not care what arguments he has, or whether he had a traumatic experience. He is a paedo and should be shot, end of. And I think he realises that. Sure, I think he wanted the chance for people to understand him better, but I think once the interview/session got going he forgot about the cameras and was honest and open.
He spoke about his alcohol and drug addiction which I wasn't really aware of. I'd heard he used to be an alcoholic but I didn't realise what he had been through. He spoke of one incident where his wife gave birth to a daughter who was strangled by the umbilical cord at birth. He left his wife in a ward full of happy new parents to go to his dealer. 'My baby has just died, I think you should give me a gram on credit'. He said the memory of this is enough to stop him ever going back to drugs and alcoholism.
He also talked of his abuse as a child, on a boating trip with a 'family friend' and how the main memory for him was the man's arms around him telling him he had done well. And this made him feel better, but also made him hate himself that he would go to such lengths for validation.
He also, of course, told Pamela Stephenson about the trial experience.

Man, I'm such a wuss, I'm finding this upsetting just to write, what right have I got to talk about this guy's life. Am I too weak? I should be picking holes in the interview, laughing at bits, that would be an entertaining blog, right? Well blah to that, this is what this blog is going to be like, the bitching will be in the second half, hell you can believe that.

In summary, I found the interview quite upsetting, but in a warming way. I felt happy for him to have the chance to get it out in the open, to talk so candidly, and strangely felt proud of him. How strong he must be. There was a moment, right at the end of the interview where he talked about a film, I forget the name of it, I hadn't heard of it before. But anyway, Pamela Stephenson asked if he had lied to her at any point in the interview. He said he hadn't, then talked about a moment in this film...... in this film there's a community of deceit, everyone's sleeping with everyone else behind each others' backs apart from this one lady. She knows her husband is cheating on her. She ends up eating alone in a restaurant one night and sees another guy from the community eating alone. They end up chatting together and leave the restaurant and walking together, as they live the same way. He said that as the audience, you're behind her, her husband is cheating on her, she is alone, she deserves a nice evening with a man. But when he gets to his home and invites her up, she declines and says "I know who I am."
Chris felt he didn't have to lie anymore because he knows who he is, when he was knee deep in drugs and alcoholism he didn't know who he was and lied all the time. Now he knows who he is, he can tell the truth and people can, essentially, like it or lump it.

I can't help but feel jealous of this. I hope I feel like that one day. Maybe you can only feel such clarity of self after having been through such shit. Am I missing out by having a supportive and loving family?

Aaaaanyway, in conclusion, feel sorry for what he's been through, think he's a stoopid oopid for doing what he did, but overall top bloke.

Read my blog from May 06 when it first started... (If only for the great pun title)

The Daily Mail

So it's too soon to find out what everyone thought of the show, I'm sure the red tops will be full of hilaaaaaaaaarious headlines tomorrow. Let's guess some....


Well yes, anyway, I'm sure they will be twats. Unfair of me to assume this? Well I'm going on this , the Daily Mail's 'preview'. They go with headline - 'I've got nothing to be ashamed of,' says disgraced actor Chris Langham. Ok, he said it, do they back it up with the context.....let's check.....eeeerrrm, no.

They go on to say The comedian claimed during an interview recorded just days after he was released from prison that he had even been "courageous" when he viewed shocking images of child sex abuse. I don't remember him saying he was courageous in this moment, but if he did, I think it was in context of being forced to watch the videos in full which he had clicked on then stopped immediately, not being able to stand watching. Not exactly what they're implying really.

Why are such publications allowed? Probably because it is but NOTHING compared with what 'The common man' seems to think. They are simply feedinga hungry nation of pigheaded headline munching goons. It is the comments that really make for upsetting reading.

This pathetic runt of a man should not be allowed near our television screens. One minute he claims he is sorry and the next he is defiant. He is a sick pervert and deserves pity and contempt - not his own show!

- Margaret Jones, Worcester, UK

These perverts should have a "P" branded on their foreheads.

- Martin, Clacton,England

I know television has now plummeted to new depths when I see this repulsive character thrust into our faces.

- Tony Quinlan, Essex

Still scum.

- Simon Hughes, Coventry

'Done nothing to be ashamed of' - Oh yes he has - a warthog has more morals than this pond life.

- Olderbird, Northants

This is typical paedophile behaviour - he doesn't think he has done anything wrong.

- Liz, London

Sad, deluded little man.

- David Bourke, Rochester, England.

If Langham thinks he has nothing to be ashamed of he is clearly deluded. Keep this disgusting man off our screens - we don't want to hear his pathetic excuses.

- Sue G, Perth Scotland

We're not interested.

- Betty, Reading

He should not be allowed to return to the television screen.

- Mrs Barniss, Yorkshire

This piece of scum makes my blood boil.

- Sylvia, UK

I know what you're thinking, "So? Don't just sit on the sidelines and mock them, write something yourself!"

I did -

These comments make my blood boil.

I have a lot of sympathy for Chris Langham and am proud of him for being so open about his experience.

Did any of you actually watch the show, or let me guess, you wrote these comments on the basis of this article alone, which, I may say chooses its quotes very sneakily.

Disgusting. I look forward to the ridiculous headline on your newspaper tomorrow morning.

On posting, I got the following message -

Your comment will be reviewed shortly. Comments may be edited and not all will be published.

So, let's see if the Daily Mail only allows outrageous "Paedos must burn" arguments onto their site, or whether they'll let a wet liberal like me air my view. Check back the site here, I know I will be.

Please leave your opinion in a comment.

Sophie x


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