Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Date with the Gods Access 2000

Blogfan Richard got the conundrum again! SOAPGENIE was the muddled version. ESPIONAGE is the unmuddled version.
Please someone else give it a go, Richard is obviously scraping the barrel with blog discussion topics.....
He wants me to do one asking how to get an Access 2000 database. I don't know what this is, but anyone with nuggets of wisdom, leave a comment for Richard to pick up.

Today's Conundrum - CLARITISE

Stephen Green explains - What is Islam?

He finished with this deal clincher -

Allah says, "Die for me." Jesus says, "I died for you." Who will you follow?

Allah, he sounds strong. This Jesus bloke sounds like an obsessed emo ex-boyfriend. BUT I DIED ON THE CROSS FOR YOU, PLEASE CALL....I LOVE YOU. Allah's like this sexy bloke who ties you up and spanks you. Yehh, I know who I'll follow. But still, I bet Jesus will follow me.... He reads this blog you know. He's written a song about how upset he is that I don't love him. Spank me, Allah, spank me.

I've got a headache. Bye.

Sophie x


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