Monday, April 14, 2008

Darkhorse Dan and thesophie blog together

Dan doesn't seem to like the freeform of these blogs. Basically what we do is sit in the room, chat and type and see how our blogs turn out differently. But he wants me to explain it over and over. Just go with it dan, let's get naked and roll about in words and bloggasms.

I just put the light on and said "I'll put the light on, maybe we'll be enlightened". That's what it's like living with me.

What kind of question?

When's the cake ready? I don't know. I'd better go and check....

It's due to beep in twelve minutes. dan's freaking out at the way he doesn't know what to write, seriously it's funny. He looks fraught with fear.

Don't tell Dan, but I just realised that I put loads of floor dust stuff on his bed from my slippers. Oops. Mmmm the cake smells good.

I'm looking at Dan's books. He's got The God Delusion, well that's mine but I leant it to him. And James Joyce, I tried to read that once. I didn't like it.

Dan's still asking questions.

Now he's reading the a quote from The God Delusion that is well God. Paraphrased it says God is a cunt.
OOOOOOOHH OOOOH someone's just arrived. It's Paddy and Geoff. Confusion over who's cooking dinner because there's a cake in the oven. I don't know about anyone else but I'm having lemon drizzle cake for dinner. Oh Dan is doing Kievs. I'll have that then.

Dan's stressed out about Mario. oh not that, another mario. OH NO! A real stress.
Online tutorials are the bane of his life. Don't try new things Dan, there's a lesson there.

When the oven beeps we must stop writing, like in an exam.

Dan says he though God was a bastard as a kid. I never did. I never really had any thoughts about it at all. I remember trying to think of arguments to prove he was a woman and failing, and I remember realising I didn't believe in him at all. I guess that's all that matters. If he doesn't exist, it doesn't matter if he is a shit or not. Because he doesn't exist. Like Maddy? No.

Someone just turned on the TV "Hussein was attacked by a gang of black youths"
Ain't we all, mate.

Dan's going to get a sonic screwdriver, it GON' BE GOOOOOD!

I've got cold feet (in the literal sense).

What's been the high point of Dan's d


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