Sunday, March 16, 2008

Calling all stalkers!

I have been away for a while, I know. And I probably shall be some more.

This is just a quick one to let you know that I have started a tumblr account.

You can read it HERE.

The idea is, apparently, is that if a blog (this) is like a diary, then tumblr is like a scrapbook. I put up photos, quotes, brief text entries etc.

Here are the last couple of entries to give you a taster...

I’ve got the “WORK!” written on post its all around my room

I don’t recognise the word anymore. It seems it should be pronounced to rhyme with hawk rather than shirk.

Like a sci-fi character rather like the E-woks. Maybe it’s the almost-anagramism that makes me think of them. THE WORKS ARE COMING!

I wish my work was coming. I guess it is….

Dissertation encouragement anyone?


Why was the Adobe Acrobat document arrested?

it was a .pdf file



So there you are. If you're on tumblr, click follow me and then I can follow you too. It's a stalker's dream. Then you can 'happen' upon me and tell me how you like e e cummings, david shrigley, francesca woodman, etc and i'll be amazed.


Sophie x


Anonymous John Brissenden said...

I warn you Sophie, tumblr is to your long form blog as an affair is to your Significant Other.


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