Tuesday, May 20, 2008

HAHA! You've got poo on you!

Another controversial Dispatches last night. It was a piece about Christian Fundamentalists called In God's Name.

It. Was. Fantastic. There were some truly scary things shown. The two that really got to me were footage of faith schools and the influence one particular religious fundamentalist had in parliament.

BUT there was some fabulous comic relief where the total TWAT Stephen Green gets shat on by a seagull while at a Christian Voice protest outside a production of Jerry Springer the Opera.

Watch the whole clip to see some scary faith school stuff too, or if you just want to see poo poo on a Christian fundamentalist, fast forward to the 2 minute mark.


Sophie x


Blogger Chris Coltrane said...

Hear hear! I've only watched part of this so far, but it's an absolute pleasure to see people like Stephen Green being outed for the hateful swine that he is.

Do you read the Media Watch Watch blog? Every other post is about him and his dopey campaigns. It's great because the person that writes it has an encyclopedic knowledge of Stephen Green quotes, so whenever Green opens his mouth, the blog brings up some old news that shows how he likes the idea of one rule for himself, and another for everyone else.

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