Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Edinburgh Festival Diary 30th July 2008

If you're one of those annoying bastards who think that once it's past midnight it's the next day then the show is today. Argh. You know the twunts I mean, you're at a party and say,

"Anyway, I'd better go, up early tomorrow"
"Don't you mean today?! It's 2am!!!"
"Fuck off you pedantic imbecile."

I think it's generally accepted that the day begins when you wake, right? Jeez. The show is not today, it's tomorrow. So fuck off. Yes, today I have a headache, I had a couple of glasses of wine, but couldn't have more because I don't feel well. Scott thinks it's because I am nervous, and I am nervous, but do nerves give you a feeling of trapped wind? I hope it's not saving itself for the show tomorrow.

Anyway, breathe......

Ah, that's better. Right. Today... Run through, over ran again, decided to cut a favourite sketch of mine. I get to repeatedly sing the theme tune to Dawson's Creek in it. Who wouldn't love that? Anyway, it is not to be. Maybe one night we can swap it in, but for now it has to go.

"I don't wanna wait, for my life to be over, I want to know right now, what will it be?"

That's the Dawson's Creek theme tune, right? Good. Erm, what after that. We went in to town to again attempt to pick up our flyers. This time success. They look great. It was also very exciting to see our posters up outside the venue. While there I also picked up my press pass and some tickets Scott and I had prebooked. One of these included tickets for the recording of a radio show Armando Iannucci is recording up here. The girl at the box office said,

"And two for Armando... erm, Charm Offensive"
"It's Iannucci"
"Oh. It's funny what ridiculous names they give their shows isn't it?"
"Yeh, that's actually his name."

It's good to know they only hire the best at the Fringe box office. She also pronounced Fauré (fow-ree). What a dick. Isn't this blog in such a good mood. Does it show I'm anxious about tomorrow? I'm looking forward to it, but shitting my pants. Basically a mood I've been in for months now. Feeling much more confident about the show now though. Yes.

I also met up with a good friend of mine who I haven't seen for years. He used to be my vocal coach, teaching me to sing good and that. Then he moved back up to Scotland, so I haven't seen him for a while. Some of you may remember him from such blogs as 'Minister's Question Time'.

The evening involved a final rehearsal, a headache, a pseudo-nap (I can't nap as it takes me over an hour to get to sleep. I just rest) and then heading off to the Free Festival launch party.

Met a lovely girl called Katrina, who's show is called Hurricane Katrina. You should all go and see it. Because she was nice. Alright? Good.

I'd best go to bed now. Early start tomorrow. And some show thing. God, what if no one turns up?

The show must go on...

Sophie x


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've got tickets to Charm Offensive? I'm perfectly jealous of you. Hope you get to see a stellar line-up!


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