Monday, August 04, 2008

Edinburgh Festival Diary 3rd August 2008

Hi there. Yes. Well one particular reader will be pleased to hear* I am drunk again. Slurps wine. But what of today? Well today we had the room pretty much full. Hooray for that! We made £26 in the collection bucket, which compared to the £3 to £8 of previous days was great. I could eat today! Yeh! Apparently yesterday on the day that didn't happen, there was a reviewer from three weeks in, but I've yet to see anything come of that, so maybe it's true, maybe it's not, too many commas, take note, Brissen,den. Yes, so today was good. A few of those in the audience were friends/tutors from Uni. Yes, my tutor sat in the front row and filmed the whole thing on his camcorder. Intimidating much? Nah, not really. He's a total gem, more friend than tutor really. Luckily everyone said they enjoyed the show. I hope they actually did too.
My solo bit even received a nice round of applause, so that was nice.

Then what? Erm. Handed out some magazines, had some tea, went to see, erm.... Dave Bloustein, an Australian stand-up also playing our venue. Nice guy, likable and all that, but he does my pet hate of comedians which is to assume that if people don't laugh at a joke that you think is a bit clever it's because they don't get it. Actually it just wasn't funny okay? We're not 'the little people' or anything.

So yes, after that more handing out of magazines and meeting welsh people. I went out with a friend afterwards witha fantastic budget of £0. After the population of Brookes Bar failed to take out "buy me a drink" hints, we decided to head back home. So that's where I am. And my box of wine welcomed me with open arms.

So yes, let's keep the blogs short. Interesting moment of the day - stopping Simon Munnery in the street to apologise on behalf of a friend of a friend who totally ruined his show. He hugged me and said not to worry and tried to blame it on himself.


Sophie x



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