Sunday, August 10, 2008

Edinburgh Festival Diary 5th August 2008

I am writing this as midnight. However, it will not be put online tonight because I am sans internet. We had a bit of a bust up with our landlord, involve him leaving horrible answerphone messages threatening to chuck us out. So don’t judge a book by its friendly Hugh Laurie shaped cover.

So, we are now in a new flat. It’s actually much nicer though it is slightly smaller. And we have no hot water or internet. But we are assured by the landlady (who doesn’t look like any particular celebrities I’m afraid) that this will all be rectified tomorrow.

Apart from that today was a bit mad. Because of my ill state I’m constantly tired and wanting to lie down but having to trudge along (what a soldier, eh?) I really want to go to bed too, but I am writing this for you....(who?)

Yeh, so that’s what happened on the day that never happened, the landed was a proper dick and we all had a big lovely argument. The only trouble with the new flat (apart from no internet or hot water) is that the tenancy runs out on the 26th and my train ticket home is for the 28th. Luckily my housemate from Uni, Paddy, lives here so he’s going to let me stay then.

Our show was a bit rubbish today, we were all out of sorts and not particularly on form. And the mics didn’t work. But after I went to see The Murder Monologues, a play by John Foster and Sheila West who I know from Uni. It was really great and they should be chuffed.

Time for bed now.

Night night blogland,

Sophie x


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