Sunday, August 17, 2008

Edinburgh Festival Diary 16th August 2008

This must be my earliest night of the festival. It's half one and I'm tucked up in bed with my laptop.
It's been a really lovely day, though it started off terribly. I had a great night last night and got to bed around 6am, hence the oh-so-brief blog yesterday. I went to the Space venues party which was a rather strange affair. It started off quite mild, people milling around drinking, then we ventured into a near-empty room where music was playing and a few people were dancing. But the drinks were so cheap and people so generous that it wasn't long before everyone was fantastically pissed. Let me tell you, chicken fighting on a guy's shoulders is scary enough, but when that guy is 6'6" tall and he's not holding your legs and you're both drunk.... Good grief. I thought I might die. But I wouldn't have minded. The general atmosphere was that of a wedding reception, or maybe a youth club disco. Cheesy music and ridiculous dancing. I was in my element.
Paddy and Rob arrived later on after I had promised Paddy that there were indeed beautiful women there, something he always needs before he will attend a social event. It's interesting to note that he never approaches any of said beautiful women, so... what's the point eh?

I went to go and see the show that the American chaps I'd met were involved in. It was fantastically written and performed. The Scotsman gave them a shining review which was thoroughly deserved.

Before that though was the arduous task of waking up. Why do we have to have our show so early? It makes going to bed at 6am seem like a bad idea. The show was a bit weird today. We performed pretty well, and nothing went wrong. But the audience just weren't on our side. My intentionally bad stand-up parody seemed to go over people's heads as did all of the jokes. The only laughs seemed to come when we said rude words. I have said in the past that a pet hate of mine is when a comedian blames their audience, but I think that's mainly doing it to their face. Doing it in a blog after the event, but carrying on like a true pro is much better behaviour. Hopefully it'll go back to how well it was going before.

What else? That's about it really. I've had lots of magazines to hand out.
Ninny night

Sophie x


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