Friday, August 15, 2008

Edinburgh Festival Diary 14th August 2008

Today was good. It's our only official day off tomorrow, so the only really chance to stay up late and do as I please. Screw tomorrow morning, it won't exist.

The show went well as ever. We're definitely going to win the if.comedy award. I know a show has to be an hour long and ours is only 40 minutes, but I think they'll probably make an exception for us.

I went to go and see Armando Iannucci's Charm Offensive being recorded, which was really good. Armando's the cutest overjewish elderly gnome who ever graced the world of comedy. Not to mention a fucking genius.

Later on Scott and I went to see Richard Herring's show The Headmaster's Son. He's really such a great stand-up and every year I think that he has reached his zenith and that surely next year's show can't be better. I especially thought that with last year's show, but he has delivered yet again. As well as making me roar with laughter, the bastard also made me weep tears. Yeh, proper tears. He goes into the hall of fame of only three shows that have made me cry in Edinburgh. One a choir concert which was actually not that good, but I was having a nervous breakdown at the time, and the only other show was Daniel Kitson's It's the Fireworks talking. Both moments are of love for a father I suppose. Good one. I love my Dad too, Rich.

So there, a tender moment within a nonsense blog.

I went to Spank again last night, but this time I was in the right mood. I had pinot running through my veins and obnoxious comments belching from my throat. A good night was had. Though I think I annoyed my friend Chris. At the end of the interval I had got distracted as I bumped into some friends and decided not to go back in as I'd seen the acts I'd wanted to see. Sorry Chris, I was drunk and selfish.
Oh and here's a fab comedy tip for you - Moonfish rhumba. They're a new comedy sketch duo type thing and they are absolutely, stunningly, mindblowingly, shit. I couldn't spot one joke in their whole set, not even a shit pun or knob gag. What?

Time for byes.

Sophie x


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