Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Je prévois une émeute...

...As Le Kaisér Chiéfs so astutley foretold.

On Friday, I travel to France with my dude. We shall be vulturing culture and avoiding things romantic. So we're going to Paris. Not romantic is it? Good.

Merde! There be riots ( The embassy are not yet advising people to stay away, so we can't get our money back. As poor knobs who have been saving for this for ages, we would rather lose our lives than our money. I think that's fair enough.

I am optimistic, always am, but particularly because I have been to and know I shall not die til I am over 100. Woopwoop! ALSO this means I shall get a letter from the Queen, if she lives that long, which I'm sure she shall. Such admirable determination to live.

So is this dirty weekend - no not a dirty weekend - it's classy - I'm classy. Erm. Start again, new paragraph...

So is this cultured, classy, respectable, enviable, long weekend away the trip to die for? I don't think so. It should be fun though.

Sophie x

P.S. Go to and see when YOU will die! Fun for all the family!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Feminists...check this out!

I found this game... how can something manage to be disturbing but beautiful at the same time? When she's floating it's ok, but when the limbs flail and get knocked, it kinda makes me feel sick.

What worries me most is what mind came up with this game...

Please comment any responses.

Sophie x

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Which Guide to Best Mother results....

......My Mum.

I was told, "No Mother's Day presents", so I had to return the myriad of gifts from whence they came.

This is a little gesture just to say how much I love you Mum, and you should read my blog - that's this - it's great.

You should be so proud to have spawned such greatness as myself and my fellow siblings, you've shown how strong you can be, and if, as the old girl Grandma says, "You're turning more and more into your Mother every time I see you", then I'm chuffed to bits.

So, signing off, I raise a toast, "To Goose".

Sophie x

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Got the horn?

Not as much as this guy!

And to think people devote their lives to neuroscience, literature and poetry and whatever else it is people devote their lives to. But THIS, oh reader, this is life!

I am reconsidering the worthiness of my existence. I have seen my ideal...and it has been grasped and splatted out by a wonderous Frenchman.

Zut Alors!

Sophie x
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