Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Je prévois une émeute...

...As Le Kaisér Chiéfs so astutley foretold.

On Friday, I travel to France with my dude. We shall be vulturing culture and avoiding things romantic. So we're going to Paris. Not romantic is it? Good.

Merde! There be riots ( The embassy are not yet advising people to stay away, so we can't get our money back. As poor knobs who have been saving for this for ages, we would rather lose our lives than our money. I think that's fair enough.

I am optimistic, always am, but particularly because I have been to and know I shall not die til I am over 100. Woopwoop! ALSO this means I shall get a letter from the Queen, if she lives that long, which I'm sure she shall. Such admirable determination to live.

So is this dirty weekend - no not a dirty weekend - it's classy - I'm classy. Erm. Start again, new paragraph...

So is this cultured, classy, respectable, enviable, long weekend away the trip to die for? I don't think so. It should be fun though.

Sophie x

P.S. Go to and see when YOU will die! Fun for all the family!


Anonymous O.K said...

your thoughts are an artform in their own right... have a top (and safe) weekend!


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