Monday, February 20, 2006

Giving Up

Bryan Adams....featuring Chicane....the great philosophers urge "Don't give up". Government say..."No, you really should give up, it's bad for you and that".

Who is right? Neither are reliable sources. If you haven't figured out already, which I'm sure you have, cos you're a clever bunny, too many parenthetical comments......

If you haven't figured out already, I'm attempting to give up smoking. Though it is cool to smoke - and it IS, it just IS - I have become so cool I'm starting to grow permanent sunglasses on my face. And then I'd just look like an arse.

So no smoking. Not going smoothly.

Did anyone read the guardian? In G2, as soon as the ban ( was passed, they suddenly LOVE smoking and go on about the golden age, and how cool it is - which, as I have mentioned before, it is.

Here are The Guardian's 20 favourite things about smoking...,,1710606,00.html

So, wish me luck! And could you pass that lighter?

Sophie x


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