Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It's all gravy, old chap

Hello again.

This week I am exploring myself, delving deep into my psyche, and there are some interesting results...

This is my raw self:

I am not ashamed. I am now embracing my true self. I am letting myself make grammatical errors and am working up to using elisions and contractions such as "I'm" (I am), "Weren't" (Were not) and "Tchamaaf!" (Shut your mouth)

I feel it is necassary to get in touch my roots and go face to face with the angry abandoned nodes thereon. I have to dig deep to get to them, because they are suffocated by the dirty soil of society. Misguided by the fertiliser of my upbringing, corrupted by the slug pellets planted by my peers.
What is this meta for?

So join me on my journey to wiggerhood. It'll be phat - not overweight - and we can happy-slap our way to success.

S 2 da ophie x

p.s. The 'w' I am forming with my fingers is for advertising. I am receiving a fee from wikki-wikki-waa-waa-pedia.


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