Friday, January 09, 2009

Yes we McCann!

Are you a ginger posh boy? Whether Prince or Tory watch out, you may well dress as something inappropriate for a fancy dress party.

So, Matthew Lewis dressed as Maddie McCann. Two halloween's back I was told to dress as Maddie McCann or I'd have been fired. Sorry I didn't... think of the promotion the Fix might have got from it!

"Comedy magazine thinks it's okay to force their interns to dress as Maddie McCann... Mr Deansway has not commented, unless you count maniacal giggling"

Poor Matthew Lewis of Conservative Future has been kicked out of the party. I've just recently finished Milan Kundera's The Joke where something very similar, but much more novel-worthy happens. This bad-taste joke and kicking out of the Communist party leads to a whole life of missed dreams, missed loves and misdemeanours. I hope this doesn't happen to Matthew Lewis. He's apologised, although I bet he didn't really mean it. Unless it's just "sorry I got found out"

So if you are ginger and posh, please put away your Jamie Bulger and Damilola Taylor masks, get out of you makeshift ikea-shannon and just go as Ron Howard or Matthew Corbett or something. Or perhaps combine the two and go as Ronnie Corbett.

You're welcome for the advice,

Sophie x


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