Monday, January 12, 2009

We really wanna see those fingers!

So, time to warm up for this evening's writing with a nonsense blog for your eyes and brains to enjoy together. 

Saturday I spent taking part in the Monopoly Pub Crawl organised by some crazy mancs. The mistake is to make a note of everything you drank as you go along. Here's mine, and the last 3 pubs drink notes are empty, I'm sure I was in attendence, I don't know what I drank...otherwise...
4 apple sourz, 2 southern comfort and lemonade, 3 malibu and coke, 1 amaretto and coke, 1 vodka and coke, 1 archers and lemonade, 8 glasses of wine.
The site have a units calculator. The government recommended daily intake is 2-3 units for women. This added to 36.66. Ah. Proud of me Mother?

Surprisingly little hangover, just tiredness and a need for food. I did spend most of the next evening feeling incredibly sorry for myself and reflecting on what I'm doing, why I am an idiot, and why I'm so repulsive. But luckily I awoke this morning* with the clear remembrance that I am in fact fucking amazing, better than pretty much everyone and all the men are just fools for not realising this. 

So I'm sure most of you have seen the All New Shooting Stars by this point. They repeated it the other day. I made sure I watched it again in case they were repeating to check popularity to make a decision about commissioning a series. But then I remembered that it wouldn't make a difference. After all, I'm not one of the only 5000 or so that are used to measure ratings. Don't take rating seriously.... what sort of percentage is that? And ooh sure, they're a different person for each demographic, but I'm the same demographic as some of you reading this, and you didn't necessarily watch it. Now we're in a digital age, surely they must be some way of showing how many people exactly watched the show. Sure, there'd be the occasional mistake when people leave the TV on or maybe aren't really paying attention, but just have anything on in the background to fondle each other to. 

Does anyone know anyone who has one of these devices to measure TV ratings? If so ask them if it affects what they watch.

If I was one of these people, I would definitely alter my viewing habits. At least, I'd think again before flicking** over to laugh at babestation. Further, maybe they should measure what people watch on DVD to help view what to comission. Sales don't count because some things you buy, watch once, and then shelve. Some things you watch over and over and over. But then I suppose we're approaching a Big Brother state with such surveillance. But it might stop them making series after series of Big Brother

What DVDs do you watch over and over? Mine... The Day TodayBang Bang it's Reeves and Mortimer and Marion and Geoff.

Happy private viewing...

Sophie x

*morning may be a fib
**nothing to do with beans.


OpenID chris-coltrane said...

I wonder whether views on the iPlayer are tracked? And if they are, do they work out if the same one person watches a show fifty times? It would be good to know, because if they don't then I could try to work out how to write a script to automatically load an episode of Screenwipe every hour to convince them that it's really popular.

I found this nice quote on the net from one of the comedians in a European re-make of Shooting Stars: "Be selective what you watch, the reason why the station are feeding it to you, is because you keep watching. Turn it off and you will force them to change the programming". I feel like printing out a ten foot high stack of posters and stickers, and plastering it all over the adverts for Big Brother and I'm a Celebrity.

DVDs that I watch over and over: Day Today and Jam are by far the most watched, it feels like I've watched each one about a dozen times, though I'm not sure that it really is quite that much. I've watched the I'm Alan Partridge ones a fair few times too, and The IT Crowd. I don't own Father Ted on DVD but I'll gladly watch a repeat of an episode I've seen a million times before. All of those shows have an intelligence and a silliness and a charm that makes them endlessly watchable, even when I've memorised every single joke.

Blogger Chris said...

I am part of the selected view who decide upon ratings. It's not really that fun and doesn't alter what I watch.


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