Friday, September 19, 2008

It's about time I got these out...

So, it's been a while now since Edinburgh... 

Here are our reviews from punters, and one from Three Weeks, as on (I've typed them out underneath, because they are quite hard to read)

"This show was awful from start to almost the finish (I must admit that we left before the end. They started off on the wrong foot when at the beginning of the fist* sketch they managed to smash a glass of Coke and then later on had to lie down in it as this was where they were performing?! It was all things that are bad about stand up - not funny, no idea what or who the sketches were about or where they were going. Sorry guys I know it was free but we all deserve better than this"

"Some promising sketches but all lacking a decent punchline"

"There's a sense of potential about 'In The Mouth'. When they hit the spot, they almost convey the impression that they are a polished and lively sketch troupe, but some of their sketches are a little muddled and lack direction, spoiling the overall effect. A satirical spoof stand-up set and a genlemanly take in a "your Mum" exchange are good value, and there are nice ideas in a sketch about a teetotaler and a wheat intolerant couple dining at the Last Supper, but depressed puppet and best man's speech skits seem a little lost. There's a need for a bit more flexibility, but on the whole 'In The Mouth' do just about enough to keep their audience entertained, but they could really do with a bit more bite**."

"As the previous reviewer has mentioned, there were moments here where you could see the potential in this group. Too often, though, the inventive situations were let down by rushed delivery or poor scripting. The purposefully bad stand up was strong, as was the Last Supper, the 'best man' and 'Geordie' sketches much less so. Overall, it was a below par effort, but a free and easy way to start the day."

"This show gave me the impression of 3, 6th formers given a couple of hours to produce a sketch show. The first problem that the air conditioning was louder than the performers. The first couple of sketches dragged by without any substance. There were a couple of crackers mixed in. If this had been a 15 minute slot it could have been a great show"

So! In conclusion - a waste of a month? Certainly not! It was quite an experience. I was always aware the show was patchy, but there was not much to be done, I mean I had no better ideas. And it improved greatly throughout the run.

Thankfully my stand-up seemed to go well with the couple of people who mention it here. I'm so glad some people got it. Many didn't. I suppose that's a good thing? I don't know. You can watch my bad stand up here if you like. 

What to do next year? Well who knows! Stand up? Work with new people? Or just stay behind the scenes as I did before? Or just stay at home... Or! Theatre! I could write a play. So many options...

Sophie x

*Just so you know, Susan made a typo. We do not have a sketch about fisting.
**Do you see? Bite! Because we have 'Mouth' in our name. Brilliant! 
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