Monday, July 17, 2006

Summer so far...

Well dear reader I've been home for about a month so far, though it seems so very much longer. Whether that's good or not I cannot say. I've had a nice time, but looking forward to going back to bournemouth too.

Rather than ramble on about this and that I thought I'd just show you one highlight (lowlight really) at my local carnival/fete/whatever.

(at the end there the commentator says "Ref he's biting!". He wasn't. It looked romantic.)

FUN! You can smell not what the rock is cooking, but there is a certain odour. People say it's the hops. But it just smells like farts to me.

I've started a bar job which is really good fun. The people are nice, the regulars are nice and I get bought lots of drinks. Phab. Oh and LOADS of people hit on me, which is highly entertaining. Nothing like turning someone down to boost one's confidence.

Soaked up a bit too much sun over the weekend sitting at the side of the road in romney marsh selling cherries. CHERRIES! BUY YOUR CHERRIES, mmm yummy.

One piece of advice......

Sophie x


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