Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I am Poor, I am Coughing, Are you here? Are you here?

I'm back in Bournemouth PARRRTY!!!

Yes let the festivities begin, I have been in the mouth for over a week now, and i've spent £4 on food. Why don't the student loans company realise that students need to live a little bit before term too. I dunno if I can live on tea alone every day.

Upstairs are nice, hell yeh. They gave me free wine they brewed. My kind of people. I ended up having a wonderful evening with them, drinking, smoking and having interesting discussions. We were trynig to guess phobias from their names, I did quite well, surfer was rubbish, but pilky was hilarious. I give him the pseudonym 'pilky' because he entertained me in a similar way to Karl Pilington. I think I would have been the Ricky Gervais because I was laughing like a loony.

I invented a new phobia. The fear of Reggae...


As a sufferer you will be given the name Rastaphobian, being so similar to Rastafarian, this will probably worsen your case. Sorry.

I have a terrible cough today, I don't know why. I think it must be over-singing first choir rehearsal back. Haven't sung for a wee while and I was belting those top notes out like a free range bi-atch.

That photo of me last year sums up my mood. I need food for energy. but not for thought, I've been having quite enough of that!


Sophie x


Blogger Oberon said...

.......the art of peace is medicine for a sick world......morihei ueshiba.


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