Saturday, November 11, 2006

Tommy, can you hear me?

I'm starting to worry, more and more people know about my blog. Soon I'm going to have start lying to cover up the myriad of excuses I use and lies I tell on a day to day basis.

Everyone loves the Who, and rightly so. Tommy can you hear me? I've been using psychosematic...erm. (?) ...ways to keep warm recently. I have a fireplace as a screensaver and it's amazing, I feel warmer. Let's hope it doesn't turn into a case of 'The Computer Screen That Cried Wolf', and that my laptop will be on fire, and i'll just assume it's my brain, that it's not REALLY, that hot. And the fact that the fire is spreading is just because my eyes are tired and things are blurring.
I almost wrote psychosemetic earlier....Is that someone fantastically pro-judaism? I cannot tell.
I was trying to look up what the prefix psycho- actually means. I found this rather extensive list of prefixes:
Check that shit out!

Internet suffix of the day - .my

Prizes to the first guesser of the location. Those prizes being sexual favours and/or violence.

New addition to Dictionary corner...
-malapropos (adj)

Right, this is getting too bookish and geeky, so I'm off to inject some hard drugs into my veins and whore myself out for a bit.

Which reminds me, it was 11/11/11 today. The year is a lie, but I enjoyed doing it, if I wasn't so restrained I'd still be doing it. Thank goodness for rules, by jove.
At waterkars/ottarstones the minute's silence wasn't observed. I didn't notice it go by because I was busy scanning books, obviously something more important than taking 60 seconds to remember people who live their life a little more dangerously than selling books.

A few years back, I was working in the original Ottakar's and we were being silent, and this Tunbridge Wells, twin-set-and-pearls, fresh-from-the-hairdressers, cunt, came up to me blah blahing about how she needed a copy of whatever book was sold out at the time. I tried to point out that everyone was being silent. She was so rude, I ended up just walking away.
Ah gone are the days when a minutes silence was all about giggling.

Why are there still fireworks? Discounted now I guess. We get our Easter eggs in May. I buy my advent calender on boxing day. I buy life insurance off some guy at my funeral.

Actually, fireworks. Yes. Fireworks. I was at a fireworks party. Hmm...when was it? If only I could remember remember. Anyway, along with juggling firelighters, making a bonfire out of a fence and other haha-we're-students shannanigans, we actually watched some fireworks. But I noticed, instead of the customary "Ooooooooooh" and "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh", people were saying "wwooooooooooooaaaah!" and "WAAHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!". Much more geezerish. Maybe this isn't interesting to anyone but me. Maybe it is. I think it is, so bugger you.

Sophie x


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