Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Self promotion part I...and perhaps other musings...

Wow, what a hilarious video. Check it out. Such talented and good looking young up-and-coming comics. Tell all your friends....

Haha, oh entrails of laughter, thou dirtieth mine pantaloons!

Expressions of woe*:
"Wee wee"
"Oh crow!"
"Oh Wheeeeel!"
"Why come?"
(*Best pronounced in a Scottish accent. Think Lothian.)

BLESS ME FATHER FOR I HAVE SINNED... I am a bookshop whore.

There's not much structure to this is there?

Things to look forward to:
-Mr Scruff playing in Bournemouth 16th November.
-MEGA CHRISTMAS PARTY!My flat, Bournemouth, 15th December.
-CHRISTMAS! Worldwide, 25th December.
-Seeing my cats and being disappointed as they ignore me at first, then a couple of hours later they remember me and dribble on my face.
-Seeing my man. Yes. This coincides with the second point. I'm hoping he'll come as Father Christmas.

I got a lovely video letter from him recently. It was full of Christmas cheese. I sipped some port and enjoyed it. Hm. This blog is boring me. Well it's not, but I'm sure it's boring to you (Oh imaginary reader, you).

Would you like to know about Dictionary corner? Of course you would!
Well... in our flat we have a little ritual of finding words we didn't previously know and think are fun (etc) in the dictionary. The edition we are using is the Collins, some's red. I can't be bothered to look. Anyway, obviously I'd rather have an Oxford Edition, but they are rarely in the £1 sale at Ottakar's. This one was. Well that's how much I sold it to myself for. I think it may have been a packing error on stock room Iain's part, but hey, Ottakar's can't sue me now. JUST TRY HEANAGE, YOU BIG SELL OUT!!!!

Erm, so yes, here are the words we have so far in DICTIONARY CORNER:
----- beblubbered (adj)
----- crapulence (n)
----- Gradgrind (n)
----- mondial (adj)
----- Hogen-Mogen (adj/n)
----- epanadiplosis (n)
----- Katzenjammer (n)

So there you are. I'm not going to give you the definitions, as it will give you something else to do. Surely the only reason anyone is reading this is for procrastination. Well Dr Johnson prescribes you a little more. The other potential reason for reading this is you are stalking me. In which case, surely you can be bothered to make the effort to look these up to impress me, otherwise you're a rubbish stalker, I deserve top-class stalking! Stalk someone else. I'm an all or nothing girl. See to see what I'm up to at Uni to stalk me more. Not that I'm inviting stalkers...

If you have other great words, or would like to argue that these words are rubbish, and I'm stupid for not having known them before, or would just like to generally insult me for finding this sort of thing fun, feel free to leave a comment.

I feel I've blabbered on enough.

Yes, Mr. Man-Who-Took-That-Lecture-On-Blogging-Today-I-Can't-Remember-Your-Name-I'm-Not-Respecting-Your-Privacy, blogs are great aren't they.

Keep it crusty,

Sophie x


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear that theyve started putting back shameful water bottle advertising in new movies. After the farce that was Romeo must Die, it is an outrage.
On a side note, it seems everyone is on Facebook these days..scary mary included..and bertie wooster.
May be coming down to bournemouth for a course next year, but you know what my wild life is like..who knows.


Blogger sophie said...

Hey J! Haha,oh the water bottle advertising, niiice. Bournemouth and I are excited to see you, keep me posted!

Miss ya rastaface



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