Saturday, May 06, 2006


David Blaine is all pruney in his water that tautoligical? It's like the longest bath in the world how pruney he is.

I have been discussing baths recently. Hot straight away, tepid then add the hot, not too hot on the balls, etc etc.

Hey, what's your favourite planet? Mine's the sun. I think it's cos it's like the king of all planets.
Hey, Mad cow disease, that was here for a bit, then it went away. your thoughts?

Will Ferrel. Fantastic.

Thank you and goodnight.

Sophie x


Anonymous Kriztov said...

If the sun's your fave planet then I'm claiming mars as my fave star.

Blogger sophie said...

tis from will ferrel on saturday night live. sorry i didn't use harvard referencing. hehe x


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