Saturday, April 22, 2006

Lid off a daffodil (answers on a postcard...winner takes all)

I'm feeling writey, but I don't know what to write.

It's springtime, and Easter has passed. Jesus is dead now until Christmas. What do the Christians do now? A short life, less than 4 months (so my Mother thought as a child), but he has to re-live it every year. Looking down on people celebrating his life and his death. If you died, wouldn't you love it if people celebrated it by eating chocolate eggs. MMM, yeh. Death by chocolate.

What else? I am 21. I got given a key attached to a little bear. One of those grey ones with blue noses. I asked the blue nosed bear, "where taketh I the key to open up the vaults of my future?" He looked blank. At first I thought he was just an ordinary bear. But as I turned to walk away he said "wait". I stopped. "Vaults of the future....does that work? I mean isn't the idea of a vault something that's been locked up for hundreds, maybe thousands, of years. Can that hold information about your future? Sounds like a shit action/mystery film that I don't want to be a part of..." With that, the blue-nosed bear jumped out of window, leaving the key on the window sill, glistening and distorting in the raindrops.

Six weeks left (maybe less, I'm not sure), then I will have completed my first year at university. I did it this time!! Oh yehhhhh. Norwich didn't have the vault I was looking for. Alas, the blue-nosed fuck so adamantly swears it does not exist but I shall prove him wrong. I wonder if there's ever been "Alas" and "fuck" in the same sentence before. It's happened twice now. Is that a record?

I think I should leave before this blog becomes an eperdemic ('epic' for short).

Au revoir x


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